Watch John Fogerty and the ‘Fogerty’s Factory’ Family Band Play ‘Blueboy’ from Their Home Studio

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This past weekend, John Fogerty added to his delightful ongoing series of at-home performance videos with a rendition of “Blueboy,” a song from the rock legend‘s 1997 album Blue Moon Swamp.

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Performed from Fogerty’s home studio with “Fogerty’s Factory” — his musically inclined children, Shane, Kelsy and Tyler — and featuring some blue lava lamps and burning candles, the whole vibe is rather calming:

In a social media post about the video, Fogerty notes that his son, Shane, was barely five years old in the original “Blueboy” music video:

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Celebrate with your families and Fogerty’s Factory while rockin’ out to “Blueboy” from John’s 1997 album, Blue Moon Swamp. 🐊🌚🌛Shane is about 5 years old in the original music video. “Hey! You are hurting my ears, Daddy!” @shanefogerty We have had so much fun creating these videos. We hope we could bring some joy into your home from ours. These videos were a labor of love, only produced with a few folks with social distancing and masks included! We were able to create these videos without a big production or overdubs straight from our own home. Fogerty’s Factory will be taking a hiatus for a while as one of the band members, Kelsy is off to college! We plan to bring all our fans more in the future. Stay tuned for the announcement and special plans for Fogerty’s Factory in the coming month. @kelsyfogerty @tylerfogerty Special thanks to Kyle Spicer, Brandon Duncan, Ryan Buddha Matthias, Karen and Todd Smart. Rock on! With love & help from the Fogerty Family-John, Julie, Shane, Tyler, Kelsy, Lyndsay, Via, Lacee, Bob, Laura. And the pups – Banjo, Violet Rose, Creedence, and Lilly.

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Here’s that music video:

Previously, Fogerty celebrated the delayed return of Major League Baseball with a little “Centerfield’:

And “Hot Rod Heart,” another Blue Moon Swamp selection:

These are the latest uploads from Fogerty, currently stuck at home with his family riding out the pandemic. He and his kids Shane, Kelsy and Tyler — Fogerty’s Factory, as they’re called — have been keeping busy in recent weeks with a series of at-home performance videos.

One of them was especially relevant to Thursday’s baseball celebration: The Fogerty clan headed to an empty Dodger Stadium to play “Centerfield” to mark Fogerty’s 75th birthday on May 29:

For more on John Fogerty and his family’s ongoing series of videos, click here.


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