Best New Music: Jimmy Eat World Return with Affecting 'Integrity Blues' – Listen

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Arizona-based rock/indie act Jimmy Eat World have returned, releasing a new album titled Integrity Blues today.
Their ninth full-length overall, Integrity Blues comes after the pre-release debuts of tracks “Me With You,” “Sure & Certain” and “Get Right” — and the three are among the highlights of the collection as a whole — but other tracks stand out in their own right.
“Pass the Baby,” for example, is a slow burn for nearly five minutes, slight electronic flourishes in the background accentuating Jim Adkins’ vocals until an unexpected, almost prog-rock breakdown (that even calls to mind Soundgarden) in the song’s final minute.
Jimmy Eat World records have always tended to have their own distinct personality, and Integrity Blues is no different. This is an album from a band well-acclimated to its place in the music scene, as well as what works.
Producer Justin Meldal-Johnson worked with the band on the new material and really helped bring out some of their best elements.

Yes, they probably won’t repeat the crossover, mainstream radio hit appeal that “The Middle” had back in the early 2000s, but so what? They do what they do exceedingly well, and it’s a big reason they’re now on their ninth full album and have been around more than two decades.
Integrity Blues is a fine addition to Jimmy Eat World’s catalog of music, and you should probably give it a listen if you’ve ever dug anything they’ve put out.
They’re also out on the road right now, too — check below for their remaining dates.
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