Jesse Colin Young Launches Podcast ‘Tripping On My Roots,’ Performs for Rolling Stone’s ‘In My Room’ Sessions

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It’s a particularly busy time for Jesse Colin Young, celebrated singer/songwriter known for his solo work in addition to the music he made with the Youngbloods decades ago.

Today, May 11, Young launches a new podcast titled Tripping On My Roots, which promises to be the real deal as far as musician-led podcasts are concerned:

Featuring interviews, musical performances, rare collaborations, and plenty of storytelling, Tripping On My Roots is equal parts documentary, autobiography, and a first-hand look not only into the creative influences of a folk icon, but into an entire country’s musical history, too.

The inaugural two episodes of the podcast are available now. The first focuses on Blind Willie:

In the second, Young discusses the life and times of Little Richard — a nice bit of homage to the irreplaceable, trailblazing musician who passed away over the weekend:

How did this new podcast come to be? Jesse Colin Young explains in a statement:

“It started as an idea in our kitchen. My wife, Connie, and I thought, ‘What if we were to pay homage to those who came before, those who were such an influence to me and my peers?’,” recalled Young. “We decided that this was to be an audio and video podcast so we could bring you along on a journey to unknown places and new experiences. There is jamming with old friends and new. We share how it is to be musicians, now, in this place and time, while reflecting back on those who inspired us to take a chance with music.” 

Hit ‘Subscribe’ on the Tripping On My Roots YouTube page here to stay up to date with the podcast.

Young also recently participated in Rolling Stone‘s ongoing In My Room series of at-home performances that was borne out of the COVID-19 pandemic, performing three songs in a video that went up on Sunday:

While on the topic of Jesse Colin Young, he also sat down with us for one of our RockCellarTV one-on-one interviews last year:


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