Jesse Colin Young Reimagining Classic Songs with New Album ‘Highway Troubadour’ Out 11/27

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On Nov. 27, esteemed singer/songwriter Jesse Colin Young will release Highway Troubadour, a new album of reimagined songs from throughout his career, providing a fresh take on some of the material that put him on the map years ago with the Youngbloods.

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The project is the culmination of Young’s One Song at a Time series, which he launched during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, after the world effectively hit the ‘pause’ button on normal life. That series saw Young performing songs from throughout his career by himself on acoustic guitar:

The attention Jesse Colin Young generated with these videos inspired him to back to the studio and record Highway Troubadour, which features newly recorded versions of classics from over the years, including the Youngbloods “Sugar Babe,” “Cast a Stone” (from Young’s 2019 album Dreamers) and more.

Here’s a video for the new version of “Cast a Stone,” released in connection with the album announcement:

As for the makeup of Highway Troubadour:

Highway Troubadour highlights some of Jesse Colin Young’s most beloved classics including selections from the Youngbloods’ albums The Youngbloods (1967), Earth Music (1967), and Elephant Mountain (1969), alongside a number of tracks from his releases as a solo artist including The Soul of a City Boy (1964), Song for Juli (1973), Light Shine (1974), Songbird (1975), and Dreamers (2019).

The album’s track listing:

1. Trippin’ On My Roots
2. Ridgetop
3. Cast A Stone
4. Four in the Morning
5. Barbados
6. Sugar Babe
7. Euphoria
8. Song for Juli
9. Quicksand
10. Cruisin’
11. Darkness, Darkness

In October 2019, Jesse Colin Young paid a visit to Rock Cellar HQ for an edition of our RockCellarTV one-on-one interview series. Here’s our exclusive video interview:

And a performance:


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