Jeff Bridges Says His Lymphoma is in Remission, ‘But COVID Kicked My Ass’

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Beloved actor/musician/activist Jeff Bridges is seemingly out of the woods as far as his lymphoma treatments are concerned, but he issued an update on Monday afternoon that detailed another wrinkle in his recovery: a bout with COVID-19.

Bridges, who first revealed his lymphoma diagnosis in October 2020 before updating again in December about shaving his head and adopting a puppy ahead of a January 2021 update that his tumor had shrunk, said on his website that he came down with COVID-19 while receiving cancer treatment.

“My cancer is in remission — the 9×12 mass has shrunk down to the size of a marble,” he said on his site. “Covid kicked my ass pretty good, but I’m double vaccinated and feeling much better,” Bridges, continued, adding, “I heard that the vaccine can help folks with Long Haulers. Maybe that’s the cause of my quick improvement.”

Bridges also links to a March 2021 update that he had written (but not published) detailing that he and his wife came down with COVID-19 after receiving a letter from the facility that administered his chemotherapy treatments, indicating that they may have been exposed to the virus. Indeed, they did, testing positive and dealing with the effects (his wife spent five days in the hospital, while Bridges was there for five weeks recovering).

During his recovery, Bridges was able to accompany his daughter, Hayley, down the aisle at her wedding without the aid of his oxygen machine, which he cites in the update as a major milestone in his recovery.

“This brush with mortality has brought me a real gift — life is brief & beautiful,” he wrote. “Love is all around us, & available @ all times.”

Best wishes to Jeff and his wife on their continued recovery from what sounds like a tremendously frustrating ordeal all around.

(We at Rock Cellar remain appreciative of his participation in All Together Now! – an online concert event for the city of Los Angeles’ Coronavirus Relief Fund during the COVID-19 pandemic that Rock Cellar helped put on back in April 2020, and the spirited video message he provided in support of the cause).

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