Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin: Inducted to Songwriters Hall of Fame, New Album Out August 23


Jack Tempchin is known for his impeccable songcraft, a skill that led to his involvement with the Eagles — most notably their song “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” along with songwriting credits on “Already Gone,” among other classics.

On August 23, Tempchin will release One More Time With Feeling, a new studio album, his 12th album to date. The LP’s title track is a previously unreleased song co-written with late Eagles vocalist Glenn Frey, so that sounds quite intriguing.

jack tempchin one more time with feeling

More about the record:

Featuring a handful of co-writes and a number of new and unheard Jack Tempchin originals, One More Time With Feeling includes an updated version of one of his best-known hits, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, which was first made famous by Glenn Frey’s newly formed band – the Eagles – in 1972.

As a tribute to Frey, Tempchin penned “Never Had the Chance to Say Goodbye,” a poignant and heartfelt farewell to his friend of over four decades. One More Time With Feeling also includes Tempchin’s rendition of “True Love” – another Glenn Frey co-write – which originally appeared on Frey’s 1988 album Soul Searchin’, where it peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In addition to the new album news, Tempchin was also given a great honor when he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 13.

Congratulations to Jack Tempchin on this award and his impeccable career! Stay tuned for more about the new album.


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