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Albums listed in order of current standing from Vote for My Favorite Artist contest.
Rock Cellar Magazine


By Federico Navarro Trías


RENACER Is my first solo album and I believe reunites a little bit of everything of what I am as an artist.

  • Day Parade
  • Esperar
  • Uno (One Song)

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Rock Cellar Magazine

A Different World

By Carmen Grillo

BluesRockSinger Songwriter

For the better part of a decade, Carmen Grillo was a driving force within the legendary group Tower of Power. His writing, singing, and guitar work is instantly recognized by music fans around the globe. Carmen Grillo’s unique style has made him one of the most sought after recording session musicians, having performed or recorded with such great talents as David Foster, Smokey Robinson, Huey Lewis And The News, Donna Summer, The Four Tops, Boz Scaggs, Luis Miguel, Rita Coolidge, Bill Champlin and several other major artists. Carmen has crafted an extraordinary solo album that showcases all of his strengths. This collection of 12 remarkable compositions represents the diverse talents of this incredible artist. From the sensitivity of his lyrics to the fire in his guitar playing, you will hear why this artist is on his way to becoming a huge success.

  • Come And Gone
  • A Real Mother For Ya
  • Prototype

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Living Room

By Jude Johnstone

ContemporaryPianoSinger Songwriter

Jude Johnstone has gone a step further toward intimacy on her new album for BoJak Records. She and engineer/producer Michael Hanson recorded the album with no isolation, no frills, in her house in East Nashville, Tennessee. The result is a spare and achingly honest set of ten songs aptly titled “Living Room.”

  • Is There Nothing
  • I Guess It's Gonna Be That Way
  • All I ever Do

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Shiver


In their most recent EP, titled Scream, Shiver offers a heavy hitting, yet melodic quartet of hard rock tunes. Sure to stick in listeners' minds long after the final chords have faded out, Scream, Tremble, Waste Your Heart, and Baby You're a Bullet pack catchy guitar and vocal lines, powerful rhythm sections, and alluring lyrics into this release.

  • Scream
  • One Of Those Nights
  • What Good Is Love?

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Out of My Head



Out of My Head is an Electro, Alternative-Pop track that uses electric guitars, electric bass, drum machine and synthesizers. The song portrays a darker and eerie sound that was heavily influenced by Alanis Morissette, Trent Reznor, Billie Eilish, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Nightmare On Elm Street. The song has a double meaning. In the verse’s, ALiBRA is recognizing that she’s too much inside of her head which is causing her to get in her own way of success. She is then simply stating that she needs to get out of her head and stop overthinking. Because she’s unable to do so, she then becomes out of her head in the sense that she’s gone crazy which is reflected in the chorus. By the time we reach the first half of the bridge, she has an epiphany that it’s been her ego talking all along which is why she can’t get out of her own way. The 2nd half of the bridge she demands that she’s not going to allow her ego to take over. But by trying to kill her ego she is ultimately still getting in her way and then once again becomes out of her head.

  • Out of My Head

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Going Somewhere

By Rachel Flowers


Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Flowers shares her sophomore solo album, Going Somewhere which features 13 tracks inspired by some of her favorite artists – Kirk Franklin, Talking Heads, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and more. As with her debut album, Listen, Rachel refuses to be pigeonholed, drawing from her extensive musical background to create a sound with elements of jazz, rock, orchestral, and pop, but one that is uniquely her own. This album, as well as her first, is self-produced, recorded at home, and Rachel plays all of the instruments with the utmost precision. Her sweet, almost angelic voice will lure you in and keep you listening. Her music is playful, sophisticated, and delivered with an incredible sensibility.

  • Going Somewhere
  • Can't Stand Still
  • You Know I Love You
  • Here To Stay

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Mangoo Factory

By Mangoo Factory


Mangoo Factory´s debut EP, was put together in two days. With a live recording the Band tried to bring the true, on stage vibe, across! Is it Pop, Jazz or maybe even Cabaret(ish)? "It is Music that smells like mangoes and tastes like dreams“. The texts are about traveling, love and Life and the awkward situations that come along the way. The Composer is the singer and violinist Celina von Wrochem, who also designed the CD-Coverdesign, and cut the Musikvideo of "Friday Night“, a tune that is on the EP.

  • Skinny Dipping
  • 27 Kisses
  • Friday Night
  • Mooneyes

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Kyle Jordan


"Lost" is the first self-produced EP from Kyle Jordan. Lost is an incredibly special album because of the story behind it. After graduating college in Boston in 2019, Kyle noticed that he was at a crossroads. As he had dreamed of becoming a musician, he faced the choice that every musician must face at one point: do I settle for a desk job and make music into a hobby or do I take a leap of faith and risk it all to make music into my career. Kyle decided the latter taking the next year and a half to master the art of music production and songwriting. At the end of that long year, Kyle had released the "Lost" EP, a fresh, new sound that was emblematic of his personal music taste and style.

  • Idlmil
  • FallRightBack
  • Chemistry

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Acoustic Asylum

By Acoustic Asylum


Acoustic Asylum is what happens when you take some of LA’s best recording and touring musicians and turn them loose in an organic setting. No electronic tricks, no stylistic limits…just having fun and making incredible music.

  • I Can't Thank You Enough
  • Providence
  • Bear Foot

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Eternal Wish

By Blue Midnight


Formed in 2017 in Los Angeles, Blue Midnight released their debut album Eternal Wish in 2018. The album is known for it’s raw, emotive, and ethereal lyrics and music. It was produced by independent producer and Lunaris’ cousin, Sam Glaser, and mixed by Dave Fortman (slipknot, evanescence).

  • Nightshade
  • My Only
  • Needle

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