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Albums listed in order of current standing from Vote for My Favorite Artist contest.
Rock Cellar Magazine

Colours You Can't See

By Lili Joy


"Colours You Can't See - deluxe edition" are the emotions and feelings that we carry around with us every day that we don't let other people know about,” shares LiLi Joy. “Some of them we'd be proud to wear on our sleeve while the others, not so much. All of the songs on the EP were written during a time where I was isolated with myself and my emotions.. As a result of that, I hope from the bottom of my heart that people can feel unashamed of being the beautiful, complex confusions that they truly are.”

  • Float
  • Glow
  • Sink
  • Stay In Your Lane
  • Clown Waltz

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Last Trip

By Gravity Boots


Mainly inspired by space, a bit psychedelic sometimes and also deal with environmental issues. That's the way you can read our debut Ep "Last Trip". As if in the near future we had to choose to leave the poor polluted earth for something else....

  • Rock Boots
  • Last Trip
  • Last Men

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Eleven Years Later

By Derek Frank

InstrumentalJam BandJazzRnB

On September 18th, 2020, veteran Los Angeles touring/ session bass player Derek Frank will release his first solo album in over a decade. Aptly titled "Eleven Years Later", this follow-up to his 2009 release "Let the Games Begin..." is an exploration in organic instrumental groove music drawing influence from many genres; Funk, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Southern Rock, and 70s soundtrack music are all strongly represented.

  • Get 'Em
  • One Man's Trash
  • Irregardlessly

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Neon West


Brother is the debut Neon West record, released in the spring of 2020. It features 8 catchy, yet meaningfully narrative tracks written from the hearts of the members. In the midst of a world-wide pandemic, the lyrics "the world is's help each other" from the title track "Brother", or "Change is life..." from the closing track "Change Is" are unpredictably significant.

  • Body
  • Brother
  • Instant Regret

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Just Drive

By Alexandra Lillian


Frequently referred to by listeners as “Asian Taylor Swift,” Alexandra Lillian infuses elements of country, pop and rock into various narratives about her personal life. She recounts everything from narrowly escaping a companion who left mental scars on her to being charmed by the small actions of a southern gentleman.

  • Idle Time
  • Say Goodbye First
  • Southern & Sweet

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By The Blue Dolphins

AmericanaPopRoots Rock

This album, (to be called Invincible), is currently being released as a series of singles May- October 2020. Becoming available as a full album download in November 2020. The duo has also released a number of eclectic independent singles 2012 – 20.

  • Invincible

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Dive Bar Rock Star!

By Eric Baines

PopRockSinger Songwriter

Dive Bar Rock Star! will take you from a rocking party to a romantic, one night stand. Some songs are very heart felt and emotional and right when you’re ready to tear up Baines picks it back up again. He guides you through this journey quite comfortably, however, with his soulful and unique voice and it is quite a ride indeed. This album is lyrically very diverse, too. Baines gives us an honest (sometimes really honest) glimpse into his life but has a way of making them intriguing, desperate, sexy and sometimes hilarious but always entertaining. His self deprecating charm lures you in every time. 

  • Dive Bar Rockstar
  • Easter Rain
  • I'll Be Ok

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Two Trains

By Delgado Brothers

AmericanaBluesLatinRoots Rock

Venturing on the tracks of humanity and artistry, the Delgado Brothers new CD “Two Trains”, an 11-song collection, may be the most dynamic and soulful work of their 30-year recording career.

  • Explore Your Mind
  • If I Could Only Sing
  • Live For Today

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Bang Bang EP

By McNally Waters


Featuring three songs off the upcoming 2nd album by McNally Waters. As a result of covid we have been unable to complete mixing of our second album so wanted to get three of the songs to you guys right away!

  • Bang Bang
  • Wanted
  • Pompadour

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Question Marks

By Elena Degl'innocenti


Élena’s “Question Marks” is a collection of fresh, original compositions that mix her diverse musical influences, from Jazz to Pop to Latin, with a hint of Folk. Her superb stylized vocals are the perfect compliment to the sweet and tender ballads, playful upbeat songs and lyrical story lines. The album features musicians such as Tom Brechtlein (Chick Corea, Robben Ford), Brian Allen (Jamey Johnson, Sara Bareilles) Giulio Carmassi (Pat Metheny, Will Lee), Paulie Cerra (Lionel Richie, Joe Bonamassa).

  • Rosemary
  • Lullaby
  • Gently Pissed

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