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Albums listed in order of current standing from Vote for My Favorite Artist contest.
Rock Cellar Magazine


By Emily Coupe


Revolution was written over the past decade, and captures Emily's experience of growing up, and her childhood/early adulthood in Australia. She aims to showcase her unique stories and experiences in her lyrics, alongside groovy and captivating melodies within the production of her songs.

  • Missing You
  • Touch The Sun
  • Revolution

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Sarah Lightman


My dad who was a singer/songwriter passed away when I was 14. At that time I was discovering how much I loved the medium of music and writing lyrics. He told me that I was different like him and he encouraged me to let my differences shine even when moments in life are hard. He would say “The best thing you can choose to do in this life is something you love.” His sudden passing shook up my path and I wasn’t sure how to keep developing in music. I took a series of interludes over the next 10 years that helped remind me of the legacy my dad shared. These songs represent the hardships and self awakening I needed to go through to remind me that his spirit never once left and how the obstacles helped me grow into the artist I needed to become.

  • Until I See You Again
  • Graduating
  • So Good

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Talon, (Like the Claw)

By Talon David


Talon, Like the Claw is my debut EP, so naturally it is meant to be an introduction to me and my musical messages. As an artist, my goal is to foster community through our shared experiences, and also to help process those experiences in the most positive way. I want to be like your musical BFF and therapist in one! I chose these songs because they create the atmospheres of the human journey—at least how I’ve experienced it so far.

  • First Meeting
  • Such Is Life
  • Raindance

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Midnight Train

By The Terraplanes Blues Band


Screaming slide guitar, howling harmonica and a solid rhythm section make up the dynamic of The Terraplanes Blues band and this debut E.P is packed full of examples of why their E.P hit the top 5 of the UK Blues chart. The songs combine styles of Jump Blues, Rockabilly and R'n'B. Opening track Midnight Train and Voodoo Blues both have a great bottleneck guitar grooves while Catfish and The Rambler sees the band really let loose with driving rockabilly/jump blues rhythms. With Malted Milk (the only cover on the E.P), the harmonica really takes centre stage with a howling solo supported by a powerful barrelhouse vocal performance.

  • Midnight Train
  • Catfish
  • Malted Milk

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Mercury Messenger

By Chad Quist


Mercury Messenger brings to mind guitar gods like Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson, but unlike other instrumental rock records it is also smooth and song based, giving you hints of Pink Floyd, Rush, Toto, Steely Dan and The Beatles. Quist has enlisted the help of Jonathan Mover (Joe Satriani, GTR, Fuel) and Ben Smith (Heart) on drums, as well as Ty Bailie (Katy Perry) on B3 organ, among other top LA sidemen to round out the record.

  • Lobster Boy
  • Moonball
  • Mercury Messenger

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Michael Monagan And The Sound

PopRockSinger Songwriter

From songs tinged with island rhythms like ska (Way Down Deep) and calypso (Never Comin Back) to New Orleans mambo (I Shoulda Done It) traveling to heavier sounds (River's Dry) and soaring harmonies (Fly Away With Me) and ending up with folk (Someday (Love Will Find Me)), the 10 songs on "Restless" will get you moving and thinking with music spiced with muscular horns, gliding guitar, and even pedal steel. A good time guaranteed for all.

  • Way Down Deep
  • Shoulda Done It When I Thought Of It
  • Fly With Me

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Best Of Blue

By Amanda Blue Leigh


This new album Best of Blue, produced by Amanda, is the perfect platform for her to be at her best, authentically in her roots and style (late 60s / early 70s, rock/soul/blues).Co-produced by Fuzzbee Morse and Steve Sykes (engineer for Mike Chapman, Rod Stewart, Smokey Robinson). The musicians on the album include Fuzzbee Morse, Chad Watson,Phil Jones, Steve Sykes, Paul Briggs, Lisa Frazier and mastered by Peter Doell. Recorded in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Don't Let It Bring You Down
  • Be Love
  • Blue Rose

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Rock Cellar Magazine




Sharing musical influences and experiences for many years, they have found the right synergy taking you on musical journeys from the harmonic bending of John Lennon, through the jangly perfection of Tom Petty, up to the atmospheric rock of Tears For Fears. Their songs contain so much and yet sound simple and wonderfully complete.

  • California Bread
  • Voices
  • Come Back

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Rock Cellar Magazine

The Long And Short Of It

By David Davis


"The Long & Short of It" is David Davis’ debut album, featuring his radio-single, “Little Mo’ Betta”. The album is an examination of how a classic soul deals with the modern day, from romance to social justice. Described as “brimming with fabulous funkiness” and “shiny, soul-dripping vocals (and) a dazzling display of funk”, “The Long & Short of It” is sure to become a staple in your vinyl collection.

  • Little Mo' Betta
  • Before The Sun Comes Up
  • Tomorrows

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Terrell Edwards


The Unchained Project was a Labor of Love for Terrell. From the first track to the end, the songs paint the picture of a man’s search for the perfect one. Some roadblocks, some missed opportunities and some lost, found and unconditional loves are all described in this powerful AC/R&B project by the crooner!

  • Our Place
  • Do You Know
  • Yesterday's Moon

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