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Albums listed in order of current standing from Vote for My Favorite Artist contest.
Rock Cellar Magazine


By Robert Aquatic


Years in the making, Robert's debut album "Dreambreakers" is a collection of songs curated to tell the story of a journey into the unknown, the ensuing chaos and mystery, and the resounding fulfillment at the end of the journey. A blend of post-rock, electronic and shoegaze styles, 'Dreambreakers' is poised to blow the roof off of the musical world and soundtrack your journey into space.

  • The Root
  • Alone
  • Suspicious Suspiria

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Illunis


In movies, Technicolor enhances each color on the screen. Each track on our album is a color that represents a period of time growing up in Los Angeles. Technicolor takes you through a journey of growth and nostalgia. It is new wine aged in old oak. We are Illunis, a hat wearing Folk-Rock band from the San Fernando Valley. If Queen and Mumford & Sons had a baby, we would be that spawn.

  • But I'll Wait (Sun Song)
  • Whiskey Road
  • Doctor, Please

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Bittersweet Revival

By Faultlines


Faultlines aspires to make music that brings to life human emotion with tight folk harmonies that warm like the California sun and lyrics that speak to the gritty, universal inter-human experience.

  • Atlas
  • Love Is All We Own
  • Love Supply

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Rock Cellar Magazine

The Best Ride Of Your Life

By Dan Franklin


‘The Best Ride of Your Life’ was funded by a very successful Kickstarter campaign that enabled him to record at Abbey Road Studios in the UK, and enlist some of the finest musicians Los Angeles has to offer, including Vinnie Colaiuta, Wayne Bergeron, and Andy Martin. The album is a collection of metaphors that features a different genre on every track.

  • Mask
  • Process of Illumination
  • Your Prison Is Impossible To See

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Viva Vinson

By Viva Vinson


Viva is currently pursuing both a career in music and acting, and also inspiring young artist through performing arts education programs, and advocating for free arts education for At-Risk youth. Viva works with other artists, producers such as The Hodads, Soulicious, Skylar Lexx, Faultline, Masta, The Renn Band, Stephen Boyd Trio, Doug MacDonald, Pink Floyd Sound, Playback, Atea Stefani, Heaven+Earth, and many others.

  • Let It Go
  • Mopin'
  • The Road
  • Only Women Bleed

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Glitter Rose


"Dead or Alive" was recorded and produced by Dran Michael in various parts of Tennessee and released in Los Angeles, CA. As Dran would say during the process "this is turning into a rock album!" and it delivers. Guitar driven, sexy and fun. "Buda Negra" was a bonus track on the album, but with it's haunting vibes and latin sound, it was optioned for a music video by writer and director Amy Campione (American Girl, Snares of the Devil). The music video and the album went on to win 3 Artists in Music Awards and best music video in the Bare Bones Intl. Film Festival.

  • Red Light
  • Kody Was A Killer
  • Buda Negra

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Off the Vine (Acoustic)

By Cody Jay

AcousticRnBSinger SongwriterUrban Pop

Off the Vine (Acoustic) is the stripped down version of Cody’s premiere album: “Off the Vine.” Cody self-produced the entire album, as well as wrote and recorded all of the vocals. As an independent artist, Cody is grateful and blessed to have talented musicians such as Todd McCool and Kazumi Shimokawa to play instruments to accompany Cody’s vocals, and complete this project as the first acoustic CD ever released by Cody Jay.

  • Jilliene's Song
  • Beautiful
  • One Day

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Canciones de Cuarentena

By El Alburr


As soon as the pandemic hit and everything shut down in Los Angeles my roommate and I lost all work given that we make our living through live performances. We didn't really know what to do and we couldn't keep recording at the studio we were going to because we needed to save our money for rent. Thankfully, I had invested in a small home studio setup that I hadn't had the time to mess around with so we decided to record from home and see what would happen. The result was a 5 track EP of original songs that we had created during quarantine. This EP is a testament to our ability to adapt when things take an abrupt change.

  • Don't Stress
  • Midnight Café
  • Dime ¿Por Qué?

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Johnny Gomez


Soon after the passing of “The Purple One”, we made this love letter in the form of an album for the OG electric funk trail blazers, artists such as Prince and Rick James. This is our homage to the synth laden and drum machine driven sound that set a new standard for funk.

  • Money Maker
  • All My Luvin
  • Turn You Out

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Rock Cellar Magazine

The Night

By Lauren Nikohl

IndiePopSinger SongwriterSoul

"The Night EP", released in June 2015, is singer/songwriter Lauren Nikohl's debut musical work. This reflective EP is an independently produced and released, Indie-Pop/Soul work of 3 songs plus an EDM remix. 

  • I'd Be Lost
  • Open Your Window
  • The Night
  • Open Your Window (Robert Eibach Remix)

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