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Eleven Years Later

By Derek Frank

InstrumentalJam BandJazzRnB

On September 18th, 2020, veteran Los Angeles touring/ session bass player Derek Frank will release his first solo album in over a decade. Aptly titled "Eleven Years Later", this follow-up to his 2009 release "Let the Games Begin..." is an exploration in organic instrumental groove music drawing influence from many genres; Funk, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Southern Rock, and 70s soundtrack music are all strongly represented.

  • Get 'Em
  • One Man's Trash
  • Irregardlessly

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Question Marks

By Elena Degl'innocenti


Élena’s “Question Marks” is a collection of fresh, original compositions that mix her diverse musical influences, from Jazz to Pop to Latin, with a hint of Folk. Her superb stylized vocals are the perfect compliment to the sweet and tender ballads, playful upbeat songs and lyrical story lines. The album features musicians such as Tom Brechtlein (Chick Corea, Robben Ford), Brian Allen (Jamey Johnson, Sara Bareilles) Giulio Carmassi (Pat Metheny, Will Lee), Paulie Cerra (Lionel Richie, Joe Bonamassa).

  • Rosemary
  • Lullaby
  • Gently Pissed

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Illunis


In movies, Technicolor enhances each color on the screen. Each track on our album is a color that represents a period of time growing up in Los Angeles. Technicolor takes you through a journey of growth and nostalgia. It is new wine aged in old oak. We are Illunis, a hat wearing Folk-Rock band from the San Fernando Valley. If Queen and Mumford & Sons had a baby, we would be that spawn.

  • But I'll Wait (Sun Song)
  • Whiskey Road
  • Doctor, Please

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Going Somewhere

By Rachel Flowers


Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Flowers shares her sophomore solo album, Going Somewhere which features 13 tracks inspired by some of her favorite artists – Kirk Franklin, Talking Heads, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and more. As with her debut album, Listen, Rachel refuses to be pigeonholed, drawing from her extensive musical background to create a sound with elements of jazz, rock, orchestral, and pop, but one that is uniquely her own. This album, as well as her first, is self-produced, recorded at home, and Rachel plays all of the instruments with the utmost precision. Her sweet, almost angelic voice will lure you in and keep you listening. Her music is playful, sophisticated, and delivered with an incredible sensibility.

  • Going Somewhere
  • Can't Stand Still
  • You Know I Love You
  • Here To Stay

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Acoustic Asylum

By Acoustic Asylum


Acoustic Asylum is what happens when you take some of LA’s best recording and touring musicians and turn them loose in an organic setting. No electronic tricks, no stylistic limits…just having fun and making incredible music.

  • I Can't Thank You Enough
  • Providence
  • Bear Foot

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Colours You Can't See

By Lili Joy


"Colours You Can't See - deluxe edition" are the emotions and feelings that we carry around with us every day that we don't let other people know about,” shares LiLi Joy. “Some of them we'd be proud to wear on our sleeve while the others, not so much. All of the songs on the EP were written during a time where I was isolated with myself and my emotions.. As a result of that, I hope from the bottom of my heart that people can feel unashamed of being the beautiful, complex confusions that they truly are.”

  • Float
  • Glow
  • Sink
  • Stay In Your Lane
  • Clown Waltz

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Rock Cellar Magazine

The Best Ride Of Your Life

By Dan Franklin


‘The Best Ride of Your Life’ was funded by a very successful Kickstarter campaign that enabled him to record at Abbey Road Studios in the UK, and enlist some of the finest musicians Los Angeles has to offer, including Vinnie Colaiuta, Wayne Bergeron, and Andy Martin. The album is a collection of metaphors that features a different genre on every track.

  • Mask
  • Process of Illumination
  • Your Prison Is Impossible To See

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Rock Cellar Magazine

The Long And Short Of It

By David Davis


"The Long & Short of It" is David Davis’ debut album, featuring his radio-single, “Little Mo’ Betta”. The album is an examination of how a classic soul deals with the modern day, from romance to social justice. Described as “brimming with fabulous funkiness” and “shiny, soul-dripping vocals (and) a dazzling display of funk”, “The Long & Short of It” is sure to become a staple in your vinyl collection.

  • Little Mo' Betta
  • Before The Sun Comes Up
  • Tomorrows

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Rock Cellar Magazine


By Sarah Lightman


My dad who was a singer/songwriter passed away when I was 14. At that time I was discovering how much I loved the medium of music and writing lyrics. He told me that I was different like him and he encouraged me to let my differences shine even when moments in life are hard. He would say “The best thing you can choose to do in this life is something you love.” His sudden passing shook up my path and I wasn’t sure how to keep developing in music. I took a series of interludes over the next 10 years that helped remind me of the legacy my dad shared. These songs represent the hardships and self awakening I needed to go through to remind me that his spirit never once left and how the obstacles helped me grow into the artist I needed to become.

  • Until I See You Again
  • Graduating
  • So Good

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Raised On Porn

By Madeline Rosene


Millennials are the first generation to grow up exposed to internet pornography, highly photoshopped digital advertisements, skyrocketing rates of cosmetic surgery, webcam models, online sugar dating, and so much more. We live in a sex sells culture that favors Instagram butt models over intelligence, follower count over human connection, and luxury branding over compelling narratives. I wrote the songs on this album while navigating relationships, fighting through inauthenticity and phoniness, dating, and going through a time of self- discovery, trying to be deeply honest with myself.

  • Numb
  • Raised On Porn (Explicit)
  • Blew (Explicit)

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