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Albums listed in order of current standing from Vote for My Favorite Artist contest.
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YYNOT is America's premier Prog-Rock band, as hardcore RUSH fans, Yynot has managed to blend their influences into their own intricate and well-crafted melodic songs, while putting their high level of musicianship on display on the RESONANCE album.

  • Wildest Dreams
  • Bully
  • Heart And Soul

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Rock Cellar Magazine

Ojai Sessions

By Charlie Baker

AmericanaSinger Songwriter

Five-song EP recorded in Ojai, CA. @ Carbonite Sound. All songs written & produced by Charlie Baker, Dann Gillen is coproducer on “That’s You”. The goal was to record a project with no more than 4-5 musicians performing live in the studio with the feel of a singer/songwriter vibe, to make a record by getting back to basics without a bunch of overdubs and heavy production.

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    Rock Cellar Magazine

    Seeing Red



    Released in February 2020, CYNICS’ debut Ep ’Seeing Red’ features three, contrasting tracks. The lyrics talk about the challenges of growing up in todays society, and is definitely a very honest narrative. A combination of catchy melodies and heavy instrumentals come to life when played on stage. CYNICS hope that one day their music may help other people in the same way their favourite bands have helped them through times of difficulty.

    • Set On Overdrive
    • Seeing Red
    • A Fools Paradise

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    Rock Cellar Magazine

    Pop & Tacos

    By Little Days


    Pop & Tacos hold a familiar retro sound-perhaps it’s a missing tape reel found in a vault circa 1978 paying homage to bands like ABBA, Pink Floyd and 10cc, yet undeniably unique while Little Days beckons the listener to simply dive in and enjoy the ride. Guest appearances by Warren Haynes (Gov’t Mule), Steve Lukather (Toto), Steve Ferrone and Mike Campbell (The Heartbreakers)

    • Mr. Sunshine
    • Handle It
    • Everyday

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    Rock Cellar Magazine

    In Dreams

    By Kimberly Haynes

    FolkNew AgeSinger Songwriter

    Bathe in the enchanting soaring vocals of Kimberly Haynes in her exquisite new release, “In Dreams”.  With songs in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Sanskrit and Portuguese, the listener will be irresistibly drawn into the heart space with unique and lilting versions of familiar, beloved songs and prayers. “It’s an album born out of many nights of prayer with beloved sisters and brothers. Bringing these specials songs and chants to a wider audience is such a gift, and my hope is that they will stir the soul of the listener as deeply as they have stirred my own.”

    • I Am Light
    • Heal This Land
    • Pinta

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    Rock Cellar Magazine

    Raised On Porn

    By Madeline Rosene


    Millennials are the first generation to grow up exposed to internet pornography, highly photoshopped digital advertisements, skyrocketing rates of cosmetic surgery, webcam models, online sugar dating, and so much more. We live in a sex sells culture that favors Instagram butt models over intelligence, follower count over human connection, and luxury branding over compelling narratives. I wrote the songs on this album while navigating relationships, fighting through inauthenticity and phoniness, dating, and going through a time of self- discovery, trying to be deeply honest with myself.

    • Numb
    • Raised On Porn (Explicit)
    • Blew (Explicit)

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    Rock Cellar Magazine

    Man In The Moon

    By Travis Morningstar


    Man In The Moon is the origin story of Travis Morningstar. It shows how an artist is created through love and pain. The first two songs “Indigo” and “4 am” paint a happy picture with the joys of a relationship and the dreamlike state that it creates. This is reflected in the music, which is more pop-like and smooth. That quickly fades at the beginning of the third song “Novacaine” as a more somber tone is realized and the darker side of things is revealed. Ultimately that pain is overcome in the last song “Man In The Moon” as the artist realizes things for what they are and is able to detach himself from the experience and look at it as neither good nor bad but rather something that he went through.

    • 4 AM
    • Novacaine
    • Man In The Moon

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    Rock Cellar Magazine

    Mad Love

    By Clemón Charles

    ReggaeRootsSinger Songwriter

    Drawing on multiple influences throughout his musical career, Clemon suffuses his debut album, Mad Love, with rock, pop, soul, jazz, reggae and folk and accordingly counts such diverse talents as Bob Marley, Prince, James Taylor, Richie Havens, Aerosmith, Frank Sinatra and Bill Withers as impacting his eclectic mix of songs. World Music indeed!

    • Glory
    • Persisted
    • My Sweet Love

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    Rock Cellar Magazine

    Love & War

    By Mike Hill


    Crowd funded by a success Kickstarter campaign, Love & War is a pop rock “best of” compilation album that unifies 35 talented singers, songwriters and musicians from Southern California; making timeless music together.

    • Acquiesce (feat. Rudy Cardenas)
    • Look At Me Now (feat. Ashley Morgan)
    • Wonderland (feat. Sheena Loza)

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    Rock Cellar Magazine


    By Robert Aquatic


    Years in the making, Robert's debut album "Dreambreakers" is a collection of songs curated to tell the story of a journey into the unknown, the ensuing chaos and mystery, and the resounding fulfillment at the end of the journey. A blend of post-rock, electronic and shoegaze styles, 'Dreambreakers' is poised to blow the roof off of the musical world and soundtrack your journey into space.

    • The Root
    • Alone
    • Suspicious Suspiria

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