Stream the Nostalgic ‘While We’re Young,’ from Huey Lewis and the News’ New Album ‘Weather’ Due Out Feb. 2020


It’s time for some news from … ahem … Huey Lewis and the News. On Thursday, the iconic band announced a new album, Weather, and premiered a new song titled “While We’re Young.” The record will be out on Feb. 14, 2020.

The song, a catchy singalong featuring some slick horns and percussion flourishes, is all about the concept of looking back on life with the shock of “Oh man, where’d all the time go?”

To that end, Lewis opening the song with “Do you remember when, not so long ago, all we had was time?”

Stream it below:

Considering what Huey Lewis has dealt with over the past year or so — a debilitating battle with hearing loss forced the band to cancel some tour dates and Lewis to undergo treatment to do whatever he could to retain the ability to make music.

Weather will feature six new songs from Huey Lewis and the News, including the track “Her Love is Killin’ Me,” which the band premiered back in late September:

The track listing:

1. “While We’re Young”
2. “Her Love Is Killin’ Me”
3. “I Am There For You”
4. “Hurry Back Baby”
5. “Remind Me Why I Love You Again”
6. “Pretty Girls Everywhere”
7. “One Of The Boys”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, these new songs were recorded by the band at their own Trout Farm Studios in Northern California before Lewis was diagnosed with the inner-ear condition Meniere’s Disease, which explains his hearing loss.

The album was mixed by Bob Clearmountain and produced by the band members themselves, and will be the first set of new music from Huey Lewis and the News since 2001.

The Chronicle also included this quote from Lewis, sounding as resilient as ever despite a pretty tough situation as far as being a musician is concerned:

“You’ve got to look on the bright side and stay creative,” he said. “Even if I never sing again, things could always be worse. After all, I’m deaf, not dead.”


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