Out Now: ‘Weather,’ the New Album from Huey Lewis and the News (Listen)


It’s been a rough go for Huey Lewis and the News lately.

The cherished singer has been sidelined with a debilitating battle with hearing loss that forced the band to cancel tours and put Lewis’ recording career in serious jeopardy.

But on Friday, despite all of that, Weather — the first new record from Huey Lewis and the News since 2001 — is was released, as previewed in recent months with songs like “Her Love is Killin’ Me.” On Thursday night, the band went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to premiere a special music video for the song:

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, these new songs were recorded by the band at their own Trout Farm Studios in Northern California before Lewis was diagnosed with the inner-ear condition Meniere’s Disease, which explains his hearing loss.

The Chronicle also included this quote from Lewis, sounding as resilient as ever despite a pretty tough situation as far as being a musician is concerned:

“You’ve got to look on the bright side and stay creative,” he said. “Even if I never sing again, things could always be worse. After all, I’m deaf, not dead.”

So congratulations to Huey Lewis on making the best of a difficult situation (to say the least) and returning with a record like Weather. Stream it below, via Spotify:


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