Holy Wars Embrace the Darkness with Arresting New Music Video for ‘Legend’ (Watch)

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The strongest art is forged from the darkest of places — and that’s the case with Los Angeles two-piece Holy Wars, who premiered a new music video this week.

Titled “Legend,” the song is a powerful blast of emotion, raw energy and edgy lyrics with a soaring and anthemic hook. The video, directed and edited by Erin Naifeh (who also did the cinematography and production design) and starring singer/guitarist Kat Leon, is jarring.

Watch it all below:

This is Holy Wars’ first bit of new music in a while, and the first new song released officially since 2018’s “Born Dark,” which also had its own creepy music video.

A driving force behind the music of Holy Wars was the sudden and unexpected loss of Leon’s parents in 2015 — a creative spark that, as she explained to us in a feature earlier this year, was a bit of a challenge in overcoming when it came time to creating new music:

“I can’t keep saying, ‘hey everybody, my parents are gone,’ I can’t keep writing the same stuff over and over, but what is just as important now? We’re not going to write that fun, Friday night party song, that’s not in us. So that was difficult, but I think we broke through that.”

“Legend” breaks away from the themes of grief and depression that were at the core of much of their earlier output, adopting a more subtle approach that still packs an emotional punch:

We could be legends
Tall like the trees
I keep on praying
I pray on my knees
I sold my soul to the devil beneath
I’ll be a legend and live like a King

Stay tuned for more from Holy Wars, who continue to play shows in the Los Angeles area sporadically, and are putting together another EP for release later in the year. Visit the band’s official site for more.



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