Out Now: Guy Chambers’ ‘Go Gentle Into the Light,’ Gorgeous Piano Renditions of His Catalog with Robbie Williams

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Guy Chambers is the songwriting partner of Robbie Williams, one of the U.K.’s most successful pop stars in music history — and fresh off Williams’ sold-out first run of special shows in Las Vegas, Chambers has released his own new record this week.

Go Gentle Into the Light, released on Friday, finds Chambers re-imagining several of Williams’ biggest international chart successes with lush one-man piano orchestrations. It’s an incredibly relaxing listen and is a wonderful way to listen to some of William’s best-known songs in a new format.

The original version of “Angels,” which was co-written by Williams and Chambers and is Williams’ biggest, most noteworthy hit around the world, was released in December 1997.

The partnership of Chambers and Williams has brought the pair immense success over the years, and it’s represented well on this album — from “Millennium” to “Supreme,” “Angels” to “No Regrets,” the compositions which achieved fame in glossy pop formats sound just as powerful as stripped-back piano arrangements, which of course is a testament to Guy Chambers’ musical craft. It’s all quite impressive.

To those within the United States, this record likely won’t find as strong an audience as it will elsewhere. After all, Williams’ international celebrity and success has mostly eluded him Stateside, though his excellent new Las Vegas residency (which were his first shows on U.S. soil in nearly 20 years) ought to change that.

Stream Go Gentle Into the Night below, via Spotify:


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