For #Area51Storm Day, the Foo Fighters Unearthed a Live EP Recorded in Roswell in 2005 (Listen)

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Everybody has aliens on the brain right now. First, the research put out by former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge was confirmed by the Navy to be “real” UFOs, and now the Foo Fighters have added to the fray.

Today, Sept. 20, is the day hordes of internet sleuths and extraterrestially-inclined message board participants vowed to descent upon Area 51 in an effort to uncover the truth about alien existence.

Back in 2005, Dave Grohl and the band played a live set at Walker Air Force Base near Area 51, and the recordings were unearthed just in time for this momentous day.

The seven-song set features three songs from the Foos’ In Your Honor double-album and three others from throughout their career up to that point. It can be streamed below:

To know a lot about the Foo Fighters means you realize the band’s name is inspired by UFOs — a “foo fighter,” after all, was the term used by U.S. pilots during World War II to refer to unidentified flying objects that manifested in the sky.

What’s more, Grohl’s own Roswell Records released several titles throughout the band’s career. He’s committed to the cause.

In that context, this all makes sense. Area 51 Storm day, recordings from Roswell, everything. Maybe we’ll finally get the answers we deserve as a society out of all of this …



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