Eve 6 Rides the Wave of New Social Media Relevance with a New Song, ‘black nova,’ New EP Coming 6/25

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If Eve 6 — the band responsible for 1998’s heart in a blender” song — has been on your radar lately, it means you’re Very Online.

The past few weeks on Twitter have seen a renewed interest in the social profile of the alt/rock band, as front man/bassist Max Collins began a highly active social campaign in which the band’s account asked random celebrities and public figures if they liked “the heart in a blender song,” started faux trash-talk battles with fellow 1990s acts like Third Eye Blind and Smash Mouth and more.

Whether this was all a carefully curated attempt to ramp up anticipation for new music or just the result of pandemic-related boredom (probably a mixture of both, honestly), Eve 6 is, indeed, back with a new song.

It’s called “black nova,” and the musically upbeat alt/punk song with some disco drums was debuted on Thursday:

grim value is a new five-song EP on Velocity Records, due out June 25.

Fully embracing the narrative, Eve 6 (Collins, guitarist Jon Siebels and drummer Ben Hilzinger) said this in a statement:

Hi, our band’s called Eve 6. We’re back which is confirmation we’re living in the end times.

The track list:

  1. black nova
  2. i wanna bite your face
  3. can we combine
  4. angel of the supermarket
  5. good for you

The new five-song EP will be the first release from Eve 6 since 2012’s Speak in Code album, and, let’s be frank, comes with the most anticipation the band has seen in nearly two decades.


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