Out Now: ‘Color TV,’ the First New Album from Dramarama Since 2005 (Listen)

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It’s been quite a while since we heard a new record from Dramarama, the New Jersey-based alt/rock band fronted by John Easdale, but the group’s first new album since 2005 was released last Friday, May 1.

Titled Color TV, the record features 12 new recordings, two of which are covers — one, of Bob Dylan‘s “Abandoned Love” and the other, a take on Elliott Smith‘s “Half Right.”

The album was previewed in recent weeks with the defiant and topical “Up to Here,” which finds Easdale at his best:

If the name Dramarama sounds familiar but you can’t quite place it … this ought to help. Back in 1985, Easdale and the band released “Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You),” a song that has gone on to be a timeless hit in the alt/rock realm, still earning heavy play on radio stations today, 35 years later.

In addition to the covers mentioned above, Color TV features songs Easdale wrote and recorded over parts of the past twenty years. Said Easdale in a statement:

“We’re still here after all these years. Three of us graduated high school together, the others have been with us almost 25 years. We have a lot of shared history. It’s hard to separate our personal lives from the music. I hope people enjoy it. We’re very proud to have our place.”

The track listing:

1. Beneath The Zenith
2. Up To Here
3. The Cassette
4. Swamp Song
5. It’s Only Money
6. Abandoned Love
7. What’s Your Sign
8. Everyday
9. Hold Me Tight
10. The Only Thing (Stupid /Brilliant)
11. You, You, You
12. Half Right

Stream Color TV below, via Spotify:


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