Dave Grohl Launches @DavesTrueStories Instagram with a Tale of ‘Suburban Annihilation’ via Fireworks, Building a Basement Studio and His ‘Cat Lady Mom’

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If you know anything about Dave Grohl, it’s that the man just has to be busy. He usually keeps the Foo Fighters on the road throughout the year, every year, sometimes even ending a self-imposed “hiatus” or “break” earlier than expected to get back out there and rock a stage.

And when leading the Foo Fighters through a concert, Grohl also loves to talk. He’ll tell dad jokes, recount stories about pretty much anything he wants to — but the point is, he talks. He’s a talker, and it contributes to the Foos’ marathon gigs.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the Pause button on the entire music industry — and our collective way of life overall, really — so this unexpected and unwanted free time hasn’t worn well on Grohl, who even sent an amusing message along with the news of the Foo Fighters’ 2020 spring tour dates being postponed. Earlier this week, he introduced a new Instagram account titled @DavesTrueStories, promising to offer up “true short stories that will make people smile. (I’m also a total f****** spaz who can’t sit around doing nothing).”

The first short story of the Dave Grohl Short Stories series was put out there to the masses late Wednesday night, weaving a tale of July 4th fireworks, a road trip in a beat-up fan to procure a sound board to use while recording music for the Foo Fighters and a brush with potential “suburban annihilation” — much to the chagrin of Grohl’s mother:

More stories, Dave! Please.

For those keeping track at home, we now have Dave Grohl telling short stories on Instagram and Sir Patrick Stewart reciting Shakespearean sonnets, one per day, also on Instagram as a means of breaking up the monotony of self-isolation and pandemic isolation.


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