Dave Grohl Formed a Band with Big Bird and Elmo to Make Friends All Across America on ‘Sesame Street’ — Watch

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No matter your opinion on the Foo Fighters, you can’t deny the tireless work ethic of Dave Grohl. Ever since forming the band in the wake of Nirvana‘s end in 1994, the man has seemingly joined a new musical project every three minutes.

And with rumors of a Them Crooked Vultures reunion swirling, Grohl formed yet another new band this week — with Big Bird and Elmo of Sesame Street, kind of.

OK, it’s not REALLY a “new band” in the literal sense of the term, but the three cultural icons did all strap on instruments and record an anthem about making friends all across the United States. Grohl, beaming with joy the entire time, is clearly having a ball, as are Big Bird and Elmo.

Oh, and the song will be stuck in your head, too:

This was set up in conjunction with Sesame Street‘s 50th anniversary festivities, which start this weekend. NME notes that this special season of Sesame Street, which is airing on HBO, will find some of the characters traveling around the country, visiting children and, one has to assume, making friends in the way expressed in the video above.

Grohl’s no stranger to antics with Muppets and associated puppet characters, as he and Animal once faced each other in an epic drum-off on ABC’s The Muppets TV series:

And back in the day, Grohl appeared with the Yo Gabba Gabba crew for more fun:

Dave Grohl: the hardest working man in music, everybody.


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