Out Now: Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Live at Woodstock’ LP — 50 Years in the Making, Finally Come to Life

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The original Woodstock event in 1969 was a timeless landmark of music and cultural history, featuring a swath of bands and acts that are now among the most legendary to ever pick up an instrument or microphone — including Creedence Clearwater Revival.

However, for various reasons detailed by drummer Doug Clifford in our revealing new interview, CCR‘s powerhouse set was not part of the accompanying Woodstock live album, relegating their performance to the stuff of myth.

Today, that 50-year drought ends, as Creedence Clearwater Revival: Live at Woodstock was finally released for the masses to hear.


So what happened to the band’s original recording? Clifford explained to Ken Sharp in our exclusive new feature interview:

That was John’s decision, he said he didn’t think we played well. Later, I’d see interviews where he said the audience was asleep and we had to follow the Dead. He also said, “We’re number one, we don’t need it.” We fought for 50 years for this one (laughs). It’s bittersweet.

It would have been great to have appeared in the original film with our peers. When we talk with people about Woodstock, most people don’t even know that we were there.

That’s all in the past now, thankfully, and instead we have a beautifully remastered new album bringing that set to life. Stream it below, via Spotify:


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