Corey Taylor Grabs the Spotlight with New Album’CMFT,’ Live Stream Extravaganza

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If you think of Corey Taylor as “the lead singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour,” that’s true — but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Taylor is a rock and roll star, that’s without dispute. He’s fronted the nine-piece metal marauders known for a confrontational, intense style of music and jumpsuits and creepy masks, but at the end of the day, he’s as much a fan of rock and roll as the rest of us.

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This past Friday, Taylor released CMFT, his solo debut album and an eclectic array of songs that showcase just how far outside the “metal” realm the singer/songwriter’s talents extend. Take “Black Eyes Blue” for example:

The record features hard rock songs that fall a bit outside the realm of Taylor’s “day jobs,” but there are also curveballs thrown into the mix, like the alt/Americana blast of “Kansas”:

With the COVID-19 pandemic having altered Taylor’s plans to properly celebrate the album’s release, he and his band mates (Christian Martucci, his band mate in Stone Sour, Zach Throne, bassist Jason Christopher and drummer Dustin Schoenhofer) staged Forum Or Against ‘Em, a full-production live streamed concert from the Forum in Los Angeles.

It was an extravaganza, to say the least (or, as Taylor quipped during the show, a gig that promised “a little more ganza than usual,” or a joke along those lines). Each song from CMFT received its live debut during the concert, which also dabbled in Taylor’s other projects and beyond.

There were covers of classics from Dead Boys (“All This and More”), Eagles (“Already Gone”), Eddie Money (“Shakin'”), John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band (“On the Dark Side”), a glimpse of the sort of shows Taylor and his band mates have played occasionally over the years.

Musically, Corey Taylor and his band sounded as perfect as could be expected given the surreal circumstances of playing an empty Forum for an audience of fans watching on the internet. The stage was back-lit with a pulsating CMFT logo and flames burst forth when the songs dictated, just as they would had an actual in-person audience been there to witness it live.

Corey Taylor Forum Or Against 'Em (Photo: Gina Joy Chong)

Corey Taylor Forum Or Against ‘Em (Photo: Gina Joy Chong)

In addition to the material from his new album and various covers, special selections from Slipknot (“Snuff,” which Taylor plays frequently solo and says is one of his favorite Slipknot songs) and Stone Sour (“Through Glass,” “Song 3” and “Zzyzx Rd.,” which was paired with his tender new song “Home” and dedicated to Taylor’s wife, Alicia Dove) were highlights, as was a full-band performance of the Stone Sour song “Bother,” a favorite of many of Taylor’s fans.

By the time the show wrapped up with a raucous rendition of “CMFT Must Be Stopped,” at which point Dove and her burlesque dance troupe the Cherry Bombs accompanying the band on stage, anybody watching along from home was thoroughly entertained.

Corey Taylor and his crew definitely brought their best for this live stream performance, and anybody who has an inkling of interest in any of his projects over the years should take a listen to CMFT and watch the preserved stream of the show, if possible.

The full set list:

Hwy 666 (CMFT)
Meine Lux (CMFT)
Halfway Down (CMFT)
Silverfish (CMFT)
Shakin’ (Eddie Money cover)
Song #3 (Stone Sour)
Everybody Dies On My Birthday (CMFT)
Snuff (Slipknot)
Taciturn (Stone Sour)
Culture Head (CMFT)
Maria Fire (CMFT)
Home (CMFT)
Zzyxz Road (Stone Sour)
All This And More (Dead Boys cover)
Already Gone (Eagles cover)
Kansas (CMFT)
Black Eyes Blue (CMFT)
Samantha’s Gone (CMFT)
Through Glass (Stone Sour)
On The Dark Side (John Cafferty cover)
Bother (full band version) (Stone Sour)
ETBBS – European Tour Bus Bathroom Song (CMFT)
CMFT Must Be Stopped (CMFT)
Watchin’ You (KISS cover)

The man is an entertainer, and he knows how to do it. He’s an unabashed heart-on-sleeve type of creative spirit, as he expressed to Rock Cellar in our 2017 interview:

The great thing about life is when you get little bit of luck, a little bit of talent and you bust your ass and you work — you get exactly what you needed.

So for me, I wouldn’t change a fuckin’ thing. Even the shit I went through as a kid, in my life, all the struggles I’ve dealt with, it’s all prepared me for today.

That heart and emotion comes through on his new album, marking a fresh chapter in Taylor’s career.

Listen to CMFT below, via Spotify.


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