Michael J. Fox Joins Coldplay in New Jersey for 'Earth Angel' and 'Johnny B. Goode' – Watch

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Fans of the Back to the Future films, this one’s for you.
At Coldplay‘s tour stop in New Jersey on Sunday night, Chris Martin and his band mates welcomed a special guest – Michael J. Fox – to the stage for renditions of Earth Angel and Johnny B. Goode, songs Fox’s Marty McFly performed in the original film.
It was all due to a request from Martin’s son, Moses, which was displayed on the screen prior to the segment. Watch/enjoy it all below:

And here’s another angle, with slightly better visual quality:

And, just because it’s a timeless piece of cinematic history, here’s the original Enchantment Under the Sea dance scene from BTTM:

Folks tend to pile on Coldplay as one of the most disliked bands in the world, but this sort of thing makes that a bit harder, no?
Here are the band’s remaining tour dates in support of A Head Full of Dreams:
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