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Henry ‘The Horse’ Smith admits that he sometimes gets annoyed with people asking Led Zeppelin questions. After all, the good-natured 64 year old roadie/road manager has a lot more on his decades-old resume than the consensus ‘greatest rock band on the planet’. Let’s face it, Aerosmith and The Yardbirds are not chopped liver. But, more often than not, Smith is candid and forthcoming when asked about his 1968-73 tenure with Zeppelin and his front row seat on the three ring circus that was the band’s rise to the upper reaches of heavy rock royalty.  Smith knows where the bodies are…


For those of you who are following the story of the stolen Rembrandt sketch “The Judgment” as closely as we are, there seem to be more questions than answers. Art world insiders and casual observers alike love a good art-heist, and are no doubt hoping for this story to explode into a sexy, cinematic blockbuster – The Ritz-Carlton Affair – with Robert Pattinson as a young Pierce Brosnan.  Truth is, with the introduction of a “brainy hot babe” we’re almost there. Rock Cellar Magazine has dug a little deeper to look at the different angles on this story, many of…


Animal welfare advocates in upstate New York received unexpected aid last year from an anonymous, bizarre “Deer-Man,” who waged a multi-pronged and ultimately successful attack campaign against a controversial and brutal plan to eradicate the local deer population. Employing the power of popular social-networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube along with more traditional tools such as the Freedom of Information Act, “Buck Van Deer” orchestrated a relentless personal crusade that exposed the backroom machinations of government, and mobilized the local citizenry. Is this the new model for “fighting City Hall?” Rock Cellar Magazine tracked down this unique story of…

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