Foo Fighters Buzz: Is a New Album and/or North American Tour in the Works for 2017?

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The Foo Fighters, historically, are one of the most active bands on the alt/rock scene. When it’s time for an album or ambitious miniseries project (or both!), the Foos tend to go all-out with the promotion and/or cryptic announcements.
In recent weeks, while technically on another self-imposed “hiatus,” the band has posted mysterious teaser-type social media entries that basically serve to pre-announce a forthcoming announcement. Their latest was a map of the United States with Northern California tinted red:

This turned out to be a pre-announcement tease of the band’s headlining slot at the 2017 BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival.
Their posting of the entire United States, though, has many wondering if they’ll be announcing a full tour anytime soon.
To that end, Dave Graham of Latitude 38 (the company putting on BottleRock) had this to say to the Napa Valley Register regarding the Foos’ involvement in the fest and, more importantly, their 2017 plans:

“A lot of things had to come together in order for Foo Fighters to play Napa Valley,” Graham said.
“Dave Grohl was here in 2013 for the festival and he had a chance to experience it. We ended up connecting with Taylor Hawkins, their drummer, last year. We had him on the Culinary Stage and ended up befriending him and his wife, who loved BottleRock.”
“Their main agent was also at the festival last year and had a chance to experience it,” he added. “He became very comfortable with it, what it’s about, how it’s run. The Foo Fighters are in the studio all next year recording a new album and BottleRock may be their only show in 2017 in North America.”
So, tour? No tour? New music? 2017 or 2018? We’ll have to wait and see, but judging by their history the Foos will probably let us all know sooner rather than later.
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By Rock Cellar Magazine Staff

Staff writer from Rock Cellar Magazine