Take a Trip to the Woods with Butta B-Rocka (ft. Homer Mc) for an ‘Alice in Wonderland’-Inspired Video for ‘Strange Luv’

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“Strange Luv” is a new single from Butta B-Rocka, the musical name of Oleathia Robinson, an accomplished singer/songwriter/actor/model with a style all her own.

Her various exploits and accomplishments have included work alongside Janet Jackson, Akon, TLC, Kanye West, Nas, Collective Soul, Zac Brown, Dream, Japanese star Namie Amuro and beyond, and her latest song puts her creative vision on full display.

The music video for “Strange Luv” is a bit of an homage to Alice in Wonderland, as a dream (or is it a dream?) plays out after Butta B-Rocka falls asleep in the middle of the woods. The song features Atlanta-based rapper Homer Mc, and the whole tune has the rhythmic sway of an Outkast production (which is appropriate, given Homer Mc’s Atlanta roots).

Here’s the clip:

Butta B-Rocka is one of several emerging artists that will be featured in Rock Cellar’s All Together Now-LA2 telethon for COVID relief, coming up on Saturday, March 20. It’s the second annual All Together Now telethon, following our March 2020 event for COVID-19 relief in Los Angeles. 

100% of the proceeds raised will provide food, shelter & services to homeless families, and support to first responders, musicians, restauranteurs, and more through the Mayor’s Fund and several partner organizations helping those in need including The Midnight Mission, Project Angel Food, MusiCares, Valley Cultural Foundation, and the Get Together Foundation – all action-based organizations making a difference in our community.

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