Bruce Springsteen Says There Will Be A New E Street Band Album and Tour in 2020

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Bruce Springsteen is just weeks away from the release of his new solo album, Western Stars, which will be out on June 14 — but the Boss is already thinking ahead.

On Tuesday, reports circulated regarding something Springsteen said in a new interview with an Italian newspaper, la Repubblica (as quoted by Rolling Stone), indicating that he is fully preparing for a slew of new activities with the E Street Band soon:

 “We will go on tour next year. I’ll record with the E Street Band in autumn and, when we are done, we’ll go on tour. Of course I’ll come to Rome. I love it.”

2014’s High Hopes was the most recent studio album from Springsteen and the E Street Band, though he’s kept plenty busy with his other endeavors — the most recent being Western Stars and its lead tracks, “There Goes My Miracle”:

And “Hello Sunshine”:

Steven Van Zandt, who of course is a key member of the E Street Band, spoke with Rock Cellar for a recent feature about his latest solo album. In the chat, which you can read at this link, Little Steven brought up some of the magic moments that can happen on the road with Springsteen and the E Street Band — such as Paul McCartney joining the band for a romp:

“Paul came on to play with us, Bruce and The E Street Band and that was extremely exciting.

“Then Paul invited Bruce and me to join him at Madison Square Garden, which was fantastic. But Paul coming on my stage for one of my shows, hat was the thrill of my life! Now we’re talking about something that is beyond. (laughs) Luckily, I didn’t have time to think about it too much ‘cause he surprised me.

‘Luckily, I had prepared a Little Richard version of “I Saw Her Standing There” just in case the day ever happened that he came onstage with us and thankfully we were ready. But it was a complete surprise and one of the thrills of my life. It was him endorsing me and my band and my work; that was really something important.”

What might the E Street Band get up to in 2020? Stay tuned.


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