Bring Me The Horizon Continues Evolving with Surprising New “DiE4u” Video (Directed by Front Man Oli Sykes)

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The progression of Bring Me The Horizon has been fascinating to track over the past few years. The band, from Sheffield, U.K., emerged as a blistering death metal/post-hardcore outfit in 2004, before undergoing some stylistic changes as the years progressed.

2013’s Sempiternal introduced some new, lighter approaches mixed in with the fury, a trend that continued with 2015’s That’s The Spirit and, most audaciously to fans of the early records, 2019’s Amo — a genre-bending exploration of structures, sounds, production flourishes and glossy synth-pop that marked an intriguing new level of effort.

Post Human: Survival Horror was an EP/mixtape released in late 2020 that continued the group’s flurry of releases, and they’ve now followed it up with another. Premiered on Thursday, “DiE4u” has a cinematic music video (directed by front man Oli Sykes) and a sound that pushes the envelope even further than it’s already been stretched — while, crucially, still retaining enough of the group’s signature elements (like Sykes’ screams) to sound like a Bring Me The Horizon track.

Just a little bit different.

The song was recorded remotely, with Sykes in Brazil and Jordan Fish in the U.K.

Said Sykes of the song:

“‘DiE4u’ is a song about toxic obsessions, vices and things you can’t kick. I think a lot of people went through very similar struggles while in lockdown, coming face to face with yourself and seeing who you really are and what’s important. The song is a triumphant and emotional one for me because it was a time of realization to kick the things that were no good, and to take the choice in bettering myself. It also connects to a deeper theme about us as a society, and how we need to look at the way we treat ourselves, each other as well as the world.”

Bring Me The Horizon plans more Post Human releases like the EP released in late ’20, and it’s assumed that “DiE4u” is a preview of more to come in that regard.

The band is set to perform in Los Angeles on Nov. 5 Knotfest, Slipknot’s curated metal festival — click here for more details.


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