Brian May Cancels 2016 Touring Schedule Citing 'Persistent Illness', Promises to Return

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Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May revealed a bit of a personal update over the weekend: he’s been forced to cancel his remaining scheduled 2016 performances in order to deal with what he calls a, “persistent illness which is destroying my energy and my will.”
May expanded on the situation in a post on his official site:
We’re very sad today to announce the indefinite postponement of our ‘candlelight’ concert dates this coming December.  This is a decision I’ve agonized over, but in the end it has become inevitable. I managed to complete the recent Queen and Adam Lambert dates in Asia but I have been increasingly battling with a persistent illness which is destroying my energy and my will.  I am now at the point where I don’t feel confident to perform the scheduled shows to the standard we all expect. I’ve been strongly advised to rest and heal, rather than go out and risk ‘falling down on the job’ out there, which would be a real tragedy. I’m convinced it’s much better taking the step to cancel the dates now, refunding the fans for the ticket sales, and giving all our team a chance to re-plan their time in December.   
Sincere apologies to all. 
And added a follow-up blog post as well:
Just a word or two to say thanks so much for all your lovely words and wishes dear folks.
I got myself in a very depleted state and have taken the decision now to clear my diary of everything until the end of the year. I’m leaving today on a big steel bird to spend some time recharging in a safe place. Need to turn off the phones and media for a while.
Apologies to everyone involved in the things I will miss. I have to get away and prioritise healing – sometimes there is no choice.
Bless ya all.
He then extended his apologies on Twitter:

And thanked his many fans for their support:

Best wishes, Brian May — a fantastic interview subject, we might add. Get well soon!


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