Revisiting a Wild Holiday House Party in Bob Dylan’s ‘Must Be Santa’ Video from 2009’s ‘Christmas in the Heart’

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How many Nobel Prize winners have recorded chart-topping holiday albums? The list has to be short, right? But back in 2009, Bob Dylan released Christmas in the Heart, a collection of standards, classics, hymns and traditional holiday/Christmas classics.

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The record debuted atop the Billboard Holiday and Folk charts when it was released, and finds the legendary songwriter having a bunch of fun in a way that might have surprised some fans … which seems to have been part of the point, at least.

The music video for “Must Be Santa,” for example, depicts a pretty wild holiday party that devolves into chaos, Dylan popping up every now and then, wearing a long hair wig for good measure. It’s an amusing clip, and if you haven’t seen it before, here you go:

Fun stuff, huh? And, admittedly, slightly outside the realm of what you might “expect” from Bob Dylan, an artist and pop culture figure whose built a legacy upon a steadfast adherence to his own vision. In that sense, Christmas in the Heart is one of his most interesting records, really.

A video was also premiered for his rendition of “Little Drummer Boy”:

The flow of time makes it easy to forget about all kinds of things, especially quirky holiday albums from a decade ago, so here’s hoping Christmas in the Heart is back on your playlist for this Christmas week — and future Christmases, too!

Stream the whole album below, via Spotify.


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