Blue Öyster Cult Shares Two New Songs — Stream ‘That Was Me’ and ‘Box in My Head,’ New LP Out 10/9 (Pre-Order)

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On October 9, iconic classic rock band Blue Öyster Cult will return with a new album, The Symbol Remains, via Frontiers Music SRL.

The record has been in the works for some time, the band members — Eric Bloom, Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser, Richie Castellano, Danny Miranda and Jules Radino working on it remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, and comes with significant anticipation — and we can now preview the record with a pair of songs released on Friday.

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Here’s the guitar-heavy “That Was Me”:

And hear “Box in My Head” below:

The Symbol Remains features 14 songs, and is the result of the group’s meticulous work on the album — a process that began in 2019 and incorporated new material as well as pre-existing song fragments members that were already in the works.

“With the song demos emerging for this record, we realized there was as much if not more variety in style and content on this record as any in our history,” says Eric Bloom “We embraced this and the thing tying all the disparate elements together is the band’s sound and performance.”

“The goal was for the new music to stand up to the quality and vitality of our legacy recordings, and I believe we have successfully done that,” adds Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser. “Other than that, the sound of our voices and style of our writing and playing can’t help but sound familiar to fans of our work.”

As for how the band worked on new music remotely during the middle of a global pandemic — such a strange, frustrating time for us all:

“The COVID-19 lockdown slowed the completion of the record. We were prevented from traveling and collaborating in person. But luckily we had already done the basic tracks. We resorted to video conferencing and producing each other over the internet. Fortunately, the technology exists at this moment in time to do that. The live performance cancellations gave us a little more time to carefully consider the finishing touches. We also sent the album out to be mixed by Tom Lord-Alge and we worked together over the internet on that as well,” said Buck Dharma.

Despite the obstacles, they did it — and Blue Öyster Cult is back. The album’s track listing:

1. That Was Me
2. Box In My Head
3. Tainted Blood
4. Nightmare Epiphany
5. Edge Of The World
6. The Machine
7. Train True (Lennie’s Song)
8. The Return Of St. Cecilia
9. Stand And Fight
10. Florida Man
11. The Alchemist
12. Secret Road
13. There’s A Crime
14. Fight


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    The two songs are great! Can’t wait for the album in October.

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