Hear Stephen Stills and Billy Porter Update a Classic with ‘For What It’s Worth (Something Happening Here Remix)’

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On Tuesday, legendary singer/songwriter Stephen Stills and actor/singer Billy Porter shared an updated version of “For What It’s Worth,” Stills’ classic with Buffalo Springfield.

The aptly titled “For What It’s Worth (Something Happening Here Remix)” was released with the Nov. 3 General Election rapidly approaching, and proceeds generated by the track will “benefit Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to increasing participation in all elections and closing the race and age voting gap by changing the culture around voting.”

Said Stephen Stills in a statement:

’For What It’s Worth’ was written at a time when social media was called the transistor radio, which played an important role in many historical cultural evolutions and revolutions,” says Stills. “Music has always been a powerful form of communication, and through this irrepressible international language we can continue to deliver the message to inspire positive change. It has historically brought people together for a common purpose and means for positive national evolution and is proof positive of its continuing effectiveness as we see new artists reinforce the message. My greatest hope is to instill change in one another in a way that can and will make a difference now.”

This updated remix featuring Porter and Stills comes after Porter originally shared his own cover of the song. Sparked by that homage, Stills joined Porter for a virtual performance of the track at the opening night of the DNC in August.

A bit more, per a news release:

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Stills remembered how the meaning of the song grew as he wrote: “I quickly realized that my little song spoke to much more than simply a confrontation between a gathering of young people paying a last visit to a favorite music bar about to be demolished and a rather excessive number of LAPD riot police intent on dispersing the overflow crowd that had spilled into the street.

“I purposefully resisted the urge to rewrite or expand upon my theme and let the metaphors speak for themselves. Fortunately, succeeding generations have found something in it that touches them personally or alludes to their own sense of foreboding during tumultuous times.”


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