Hear ‘Do the Paranoid Style,’ from Bad Religion’s New Album ‘Age of Unreason’

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Punk vets Bad Religion released another song from their forthcoming album, Age of Unreason, which will be released on May 3 via Epitaph Records, and “Do the Paranoid Style” finds vocalist Greg Graffin tackling a number of topical and very politically-charged topics.


More about the song, via the press release:

Inspired by historian Richard Hofstadter’s 1964 essay “The Paranoid Style in American Politics,” the song compares contemporary right wing conspiracy theorizing to a feverish dance craze. The accompanying video directed by Dan Fusselman depicts mid-century American propaganda film imagery against a backdrop of rock n’ roll dancing. According to guitarist and co-songwriter, Brett Gurewitz “When fringe groups blame shadowy forces for their problems it is, at worst, delusional. But when those holding the levers of power do the same thing, it’s not delusion, it’s a method of delegitimizing the opposition. It’s a tool of authoritarianism.”

Always a band fully focused on a common theme, the iconic punk group isn’t mincing its words this time around:

Since the group’s formative years they have steadfastly advocated for humanism, reason, and individualism. Now, as these values are in decline, and nationalism and bigotry are on the rise, Bad Religion’s message has never been more essential. Age Of Unreason delivers a powerful and inspired rejoinder – a political and deeply personal treatise on all they believe in.

“The band has always stood for enlightenment values,” co-songwriter and guitarist Brett Gurewitz explains. “Today, these values of truth, freedom, equality, tolerance, and science are in real danger. This record is our response.”

“Chaos From Within” was the first official preview of the record, and it pretty much sums up the band’s point of view succinctly:


Another song from the album, “The Profane Rights of Man,” premiered a few months back:

That track is listed as a bonus song on the album. The full track listing:

1. “Chaos From Within”
2. “My Sanity”
3. “Do The Paranoid Style”
4. “The Approach”
5. “Lose Your Head”
6. “End of History”
7. “Age of Unreason”
8. “Candidate”
9. “Faces of Grief”
10. “Old Regime”
11. “Big Black Dog”
12. “Downfall”
13. “Since Now”
14. “What Tomorrow Brings”
15. “The Profane Rights of Man” (bonus)


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