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Author Steve Rosen

In this month’s Behind the Curtain, Steve Rosen details his encounters with AC/DC members Angus Young and Bon Scott at a jam-packed Day on the Green in 1978… It is July 23, 1978 and promoter Bill Graham is presenting another installment of Day On the Green, the recurring concert series he has held at the Oakland Coliseum since 1973. These are multi-act shows but differ from the concerts he’s staged at places like San Francisco’s Fillmore West and Winterland Arena. In those mid- and late-1960s gatherings, he would mix and match musical styles so you’d hear the MC5 kicking out…


For this month’s Behind the Curtain, Steve Rosen details the trials and tribulations of interviewing one of rock’s most unique personalities… Robert Fripp conjured music with King Crimson that was strange, haunting and disturbing—not unlike the man himself. A Crimson song was unsettling—so was Fripp. A King Crimson album was dark—the stuff nightmares were made of—and Fripp was the boogeyman inside that bad dream. His staccato guitar lines bit at your flesh like some unseen thing as the mournful Mellotrons washed over you in a way that was suffocating. For all the world, it felt like you couldn’t catch your breath…


Nothing could have prepared me that day for meeting Keith Moon. His nickname was Moon the Loon and for good reason — Keith John Moon, born on August 23, 1946, was a certified madman. Maybe he wasn’t certifiable but he was certainly one misunderstood individual. There have been so many stories written about him that I figured some of them must have been made up because there was no way he could have been as crazy as all that. I’m still not sure if he was. But he did throw television sets out of hotel room windows and he did…

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