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Author Michael Mascioni

Relatively few bands have earned the enduring appeal and indomitable musical spirit of the Doobie Brothers. The Doobie Brothers: Live at the Beacon Theatre was released in late June, commemorating a special performance of the albums Toulouse Street and The Captain and Me, turned in at the famed New York City venue in November 2018. Essentially, the Doobie Brothers’ career epitomizes longevity and consistency, as they’ve stayed authentic and true to their mission throughout their career. In fact, one could say that the band advanced “roots” music in significant ways before that term was became more popularized. The band is…


Some artists seem set on an inexorable quest for new musical idioms and fusions.  That’s certainly the case with former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett, who continues to expand his musical palette with new forays into world music and exotic instruments on his recent album At the Edge of Light. The album is suffused with key socio-political references.  Perhaps one of the best illustrations of this element can be found on the moving cut “Underground Railroad,” which mixes gospel and blues. Hackett was partly inspired to write the song by information gleaned on trips to Wilmington, North Carolina, (where he…


After a brief hiatus, during which David Coverdale dropped hints of possible retirement, he has reassembled Whitesnake, and the classic hard rock band has launched  a full-scale sonic assault with their new album, Flesh and Blood, which is due out May 10 on Frontier Records and can be pre-ordered now at this link. The album harkens back to the group’s early roots, but also displays a greater musical diversity that may surprise some.  The music video for the cut “Shut Up & Kiss Me” has the indelible Whitesnake stamp all over it, and makes a special reference to the group’s…