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Author Ken Sharp

Just like the Beach Boys, a band that featured brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson and cousin Mike Love (plus Alan Jardine), ‘60s female surf group The Honeys featured two sisters, Marilyn and Diane Rovell and cousin Ginger Blake. The trio clicked musically and created their own signature brand of feel good music with classics like He’s A Doll and Hide Go Seek. Rock Cellar Magazine sat down with Marilyn Wilson and Ginger Blake, two of the three founding members of The Honeys, for a fun filled look back at their career. The band formed in 1961 and was originally called The Rovell Sisters,…


Holed away in his family’s music room, 18 year-old Brian Wilson, future music genius/visionary of The Beach Boys, is cocooned safely in his private sanctuary, immersed in what would become his life’s quest and salvation: making music. Made in California, showcasing a beautifully stylish design by Grammy nominated designer Mark London, is an expansive 6-CD career spanning retrospective that was released on August 27th. The box set, crammed with essential singles, deep album cuts and previously unreleased live and studio tracks, is also augmented by a spectacular yearbook styled book, which culls a dazzling array of rare and previously unseen…


Part I: LET IT BE TOLD Since designing his first album cover in 1969 — a little something you might have heard of called Abbey Road — London-born John Kosh is the rock ’n’ roll art director’s art director. In addition to the Beatles he has designed albums for the Rolling Stones, The Who, the Eagles, James Taylor, ELO and many other rock superstars, including winning three Grammy Awards for his Linda Ronstadt covers. Rock Cellar Magazine interviewed the art director — who prefers to be known simply as “Kosh” — in his funky L.A. inner sanctum, which was formerly…

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