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Author Jeff Cazanov

Animal welfare advocates in upstate New York received unexpected aid last year from an anonymous, bizarre “Deer-Man,” who waged a multi-pronged and ultimately successful attack campaign against a controversial and brutal plan to eradicate the local deer population. Employing the power of popular social-networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube along with more traditional tools such as the Freedom of Information Act, “Buck Van Deer” orchestrated a relentless personal crusade that exposed the backroom machinations of government, and mobilized the local citizenry. Is this the new model for “fighting City Hall?” Rock Cellar Magazine tracked down this unique story of…


Southern California-based organization Music to Heal thinks it can. MTH strives to harness the healing powers of music to give hospital patients a little musical cheer every day through its various programs, including musical therapy and free instrument rental. Staying in a hospital for an extended period of time can be a drag, but the folks at Music to Heal try to make it more enjoyable. The organization provides free music lessons to hospital patients, among other therapy methods. The lessons are among Music to Heal’s most popular programs. The volunteer-led lessons are usually taught by “young healers” from the…