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Author Ivor Levene

It is 10:30 on a Tuesday morning, a morning which can best be described as a “proper” English morning.  You must go to England to really experience a proper English morning, the sun shines brightly, but there is no oppressive heat.  There’s a crisp breeze blowing, which is all the better because all the streets nearby are decked out in bunting, Union Jacks, and English flags.  As far as the eye can see, there are decorations strung between building creating a sea of red, white and blue.  Why all the flags?  I’m here just a few days after the royal…


In almost any interview with Three Dog Night vocalist Chuck Negron, the conversation inevitably turns to drugs, their abuse, and redemption. Negron famously became a heroin addict at the height of his career, but eventually emerged from it in the 1980s, and you could say he’s been on a mission to warn others ever since.  He speaks very frankly and openly about it and doesn’t shy away from the conversation. I recently spoke with the legendary front man about a wide range of topics including his latest album, the fan-funded Generations, his time in Three Dog Night, his Latino heritage,…