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Author Berton Averre

I have a friend who collects vinyl. No, he’s not a plastics bondage freak, I mean vinyl records, old LPs. What would be the garage of his house is a reliquary of forgotten, unwanted, and in some cases spectacular discs from the ’60s.  By the way, I have an admission: I was more than happy when records became CDs –  I don’t hear all that much difference (other than the lack of hisses and pops and the occasional embarrassing guitar part that wasn’t heard in the original mastering), and although I own a turntable I drag its dinosaur bones out on…


I love baseball.   I love music.   It would be hard to say who meant more to me as an 11 year old, the Beatles or Sandy Koufax.  Suffice to say that the Fab Four and Sandy both have a revered nook in my personal Hall of Fame.   Sandy’s coming through in the ’65 World Series to beat the Twins after first refusing to pitch the first game because it conflicted with Rosh Hashanah was one of the more compelling moments in modern sports; a moment of swelling pride among a nation of Jewish sports fans, although that pride was slightly…