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Artist: The Blue Dolphins

RockCellar Magazine | Independent Artist Program
The Blue Dolphins are a Los Angeles-based songwriting duo composed of UK singer-songwriter Victoria C. Scott and five-time Grammy Award- winning producer-engineer Alfonso G. Rodenas from Spain. Characterized by beautiful melodies, tight harmonies and an uplifting, positive mood, their musical style embraces Folk, Pop and Roots Rock with a unique timeless quality.

The band’s debut acoustic album, My Favorite Word Is Today (2012), was followed by the EP In Between (2013). In May of 2015 they released an EP titled Walking in the Sun, this was an advance of their full length album Come On! released in September of 2015. In 2016, whilst promoting their album Come On! The Blue Dolphins started writing new songs. In 2019 they launched a successful Crowd Funding campaign to support their fifth release.

This album, (to be called Invincible), is currently being released as a series of singles May- October 2020. Becoming available as a full album download in November 2020. The duo has also released a number of eclectic independent singles 2012 – 20. The Blue Dolphins play to major fan bases in the US, UK, Spain and Mexico.


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