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Artist: Cody Jay

RockCellar Magazine | Independent Artist Program
Cody Jay is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has written, recorded, and produced all of his own material thus far, as well as many other artists in the industry. His love of music expands far beyond his own endeavors, and he loves working and collaborating with talented artists around the world. In addition to producing his own music, Cody Jay performs as a member of the barbershop quartet at Disneyland, teaches music at the Young Americans College of Performing Arts, produces music videos for other artists, and was a part-time audio technician at Activision Blizzard Entertainment. Cody thrives on new challenges and any opportunity for growth, and is excited to expand upon his creativity as the future unfolds. 


Rock Cellar Magazine | Independent Artist Program Rock Cellar Magazine Rock Cellar Magazine

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