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$10 Available in: CD, Digital

Track list
  1. Scandalous 2:55
  2. Desert Blues 4:05
  3. Superstar Pop Twin 4:43
  4. Sad Day for Love 4:57
  5. Red Light 4:49 play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  6. Kody Was A Killer 4:08 play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  7. Rock on 5:24
  8. She Says 3:08
  9. Fade Away 3:40
  10. Vodka Girls 4:47
  11. Buda Negra (Live Acoustic) 4:50 play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
Total Time: 72:28

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Artist Bio

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GLITTER is a California born, Texas raised powerhouse of musical experience. Pop-driven melodies, a bright voice and edgy guitars make up the grit, soul, heart and bubble gum poetry that is Glitter. An artist and songwriter of 20 years, G started as a teenager - performing live and recording full time. Doing every genre from country to rock to pop to classics to showtunes, Glitter has rocked the spectrum throughout her career. Her 2 most notable projects were her early 2000's rock band Hollywood High and solo project Glitter Rose. Her 2012 album "Dead or Alive" received numerous accolades, followed by her self produced 2016 album "Outlaw in Love". Glitter retired the Glitter Rose project, and is writing for a pop soul project to come to fruition soon. Until then, you can find her rocking a stage and singing new songs now and then in Texas, California, and beyond.

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