Please Enjoy a Regular Walgreens Sign Being Transformed Into ‘algreens,’ Complete with a Photo of the Soul Singer

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Inspiration takes many forms. With that in mind, enjoy the image below, as shared by the Al Green social media channels this week:

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This bit of ingenuity comes thanks to the work of a street artist and graphic designer in Pennsylvania, who gave an otherwise nondescript sign outside a Walgreens store took a decidedly more soulful makeover with a tribute to the legendary singer. Here’s a bit of the behind-the-scenes process:

Have you ever driven past a back-lit sign for some store, restaurant or establishment and noticed a few bulbs burned out, which potentially changed the entire tone of the sign itself? That’s the basis for this Al Green/Walgreens phenomenon, which has apparently popped up in the past on social media:

This is just fantastic stuff, truly. Social media being used for good, clean fun is always a delight.

Speaking of social media-fueled ingenuity, give @TheBandWasHere on Instagram a follow — the man behind the account recreates iconic album covers and band & artist photographs using the real-life places they were originally shot, and each one is better than the previous:

And please enjoy the efforts of seniors in COVID-19 lockdown at a U.K. care home who painstakingly recreated classic album covers themselves:



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