The Beta Machine (ft. Members of A Perfect Circle): Debut LP ‘Intruder’ Out 3/29; Stream ‘Embers’

The Beta Machine (ft. Members of A Perfect Circle): Debut LP ‘Intruder’ Out 3/29; Stream ‘Embers’

Roughly a year ago, Rock Cellar caught up with Matt McJunkins of the Beta Machine and A Perfect Circle for a chat at the NAMM Show. There, McJunkins revealed that his band was working on some new music, largely the influence of his work in a number of different projects over the years:

“It’s learning, constantly. Playing live shows with different bands, you can’t help but be influenced by that process. I’ve been lucky to play with a lot of bands that I really like, I really enjoy. So I’m always learning. The main thing is the work ethic — I’ve always tried to work really hard to make something good. To push each other to create something that you can work on together, almost like a common goal.”

On March 29, the Beta Machine will release its debut full-length record, Intruder, via T-Boy/UMe. The news was announced recently and came with the premiere of a track called “Embers”:

The Beta Machine formed as McJunkins and Friedl, both of whom are in A Perfect Circle (among many other bands and projects) began recording music together on the side, and soon the material took on a form of its own.

As Friedl puts it, he and McJunkins would take material incompatible with their other collaborations and stow it away for then-mysterious future use. As the pair continued to work together, the creative energy started flowing freely. “We just had such a good rapport with each other,” McJunkins recalls. “The ideas flowed nicely. There weren’t any ego problems along the way.”

The pair put a name to the energetic, futuristic sound they were developing: The Beta Machine. But they wouldn’t be alone in their mission. They had already worked and palled around with vocalist Claire Acey (of Nightmare of the Cat) and guitarist and keyboardist Nicholas Perez, who both gamely stepped up to join them for The Beta Machine’s lineup.

The track listing for Intruder:

1. “Embers”
2. “Your Enemy”
3. “Precious Design”
4. “Someday”
5. “Palindrome”
6. “Ghosts”
7. “Bones”
8. “The Fall”
9. “Intruder”
10. “Bleed For You”

Keep tabs on the band as the new album nears by visiting the Beta Machine’s official site.

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