A Few Questions with Up-and-Coming Rockers Rews at the NAMM Show 2019

A Few Questions with Up-and-Coming Rockers Rews at the NAMM Show 2019

Anybody who ventured up to the third floor of the Anaheim Convention Center this past weekend at the 2019 NAMM Show and entered the Marshall Amplification room may have found themselves blown away by a two-piece band making a ton of noise. That was Rews, whose debut full-length Pyro was released stateside in late 2018 and has the band poised for big things this year and beyond.

They’re loud — and that’s a good thing.

Rock Cellar caught up with vocalist/guitarist Shauna Tohill and drummer/vocalist Collette Williams during a break between NAMM sets for a quick chat.

Rock Cellar: What’s the story of your band name? How did you form?

Shauna Tohill: “Rews” was kind of scribbled on the wall of a toilet, actually — R-E-U-S — so we went home and Googled what the word meant, because it looked good. It’s a Dutch surname which means the ‘tall people’ or ‘giant people,’ so we just changed the U to a W and it became Rews.

Collette Williams: We were lucky enough to form organically, really. We both moved to London from different parts of the world. Shauna was looking for musicians to work with, I was looking for a new musical project. She’s the sister of someone I went to university with, actually. So we met up, had a jam, it was explosive, and here we are.

How has the album and your single, “Shine,” been received so far? It’s pretty new, right?

Tohill: It’s been amazing. We’ve been on playlists on Spotify, which has been fantastic. We’re getting really good feedback. We actually released the album in the UK last year, so it’s very new to the States.

Williams: We do have a sort of small base of American fans even though we haven’t been here yet. They’ve just been like, “When’s it coming out?” for about a year and a half, so it’s good we can finally say “It’s here!”

Do you have a US tour coming up soon, then?

Tohill: It’s in process, yeah. But definitely 2019, we need to have something. So just keep your eyes peeled.

Given that you’re both from Ireland and London, respectively, what’s the music scene like where you’re from, and how has it taken to the noises you’ve been making with Rews?

Tohill: To be honest, we did our first gig in Belfast, and from that perspective, it’s just been amazing to see the kind of communities I grew up with there coming together to support it. So it’s been easy to get into that scene.

Williams: London’s been great. It’s a very saturated market, it’s hard to make it in London, but we’ve had loads of support and every gig we’ve done there, especially the last few, have been sellouts, which in London is a pretty big achievement for us.

Tohill: We have a really good team, I think that’s why it’s going well so far, and we work really hard as well.

For anybody getting their first introduction to your music, what should they expect? Any particular influences you feel are reflected in your music?

Tohill: Ooh. It’s a full mixture.

Williams: In England, we always get coined as the female Royal Blood, and you can kind of see the similarities. But we like to think that we’re quite unique and refreshing in what we’re doing at the moment, for sure.

Keep tabs on the band by visiting Rews’ official site

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