Le Butcherettes’ New Album ‘bi/MENTAL’ is a Totally Unique Sonic Experience (New Music Friday)

Le Butcherettes’ New Album ‘bi/MENTAL’ is a Totally Unique Sonic Experience (New Music Friday)

In 2011, a band named Le Butcherettes emerged in the form of a debut album titled Sin Sin Sin. Featuring Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta and At the Drive-in on bass guitar and as the album’s producer, the record was notable for many reasons — all of them having to do with lead vocalist Teresa Suárez Cosío, perhaps better known by her stage name of Teri Gender Bender.

On Friday, the band released its fourth full-length album, bi/MENTAL, the follow-up to 2015’s A Raw Youth. And while the backing musicians around Teri are different this time (co-founding member Auryn Jolene left the project in 2009), as they have been for a while now, the sounds recorded on the record are just as immediate, grabbing and provocative as ever.

Listening to the bi/MENTAL, it’s easy to hear fellow female-led bands including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs as potential influences behind Le Butcherettes’ music, with Teri’s voice at times reminiscent of Karen O.’s powerful howl.

But through and through, Le Butcherettes have a distinct sound that definitely stands apart from everybody else making music right now. A song like “little/MOUSE” (as with every track on bi/MENTAL, the song titles adhere to the syntax of the album title) is just impossible to ignore:

The album’s opener, “spider/WAVES,” features Dead Kennedys punk legend Jello Biafra, who shows up and does some spoken-word because why not?

In short, bi/MENTAL is a fierce new record that demands your attention — so do so below, via Spotify or Apple Music:

And check out the band’s official site for more, including their current tour dates.

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