The Who: New Symphonic Tour and Studio Album Coming in 2019

The Who: New Symphonic Tour and Studio Album Coming in 2019

If you thought the Who would quiet down, you were wrong.

That’s been a characteristic of the legendary English rock group for decades, and it’ll remain the case for the upcoming year, after the news released on Friday. Per a report from Rolling Stone, the Who have plans for a big symphonic arena tour of the United States as well as a new studio album, with a 2019 release date in place as of now.

As guitarist Pete Townshend told Rolling Stone, he agreed to consider spending much of the year on the road, but with one condition:

“I said I was not going to sign any contracts unless we have new material,” says Townshend. “This has nothing to do with wanting a hit album. It has nothing to do with the fact that the Who need a new album. It’s purely personal. It’s about my pride, my sense of self-worth and self-dignity as a writer.”

When released, the new record will be the first from the Who since 2006’s Endless Wire. While we’ll have to wait for more concrete details about the album (other than that Townshend recorded a number of demos he’s hoping to get to Roger Daltrey soon), plans for a 31-date symphony tour across the United States will be fully unveiled shortly.

Townshend told Rolling Stone that the tour will begin at Madison Square Garden in April and hit cities including Chicago and Detroit, with an additional leg of the tour running westward set for Fall 2019.

They won’t, however, take part in the 50th anniversary Woodstock event set for New York in August:

“What would be the point?” Says Daltrey. “I can’t work outside in the heat anymore like that in August. It’ll kill me. I got really big problems with heat now due to my meningitis. But I think they should do it with young bands. I don’t see why they should have us there.

“And they couldn’t afford us anyway!” he adds, laughing. 

Stay tuned for more news about the Who’s big year ahead … in the meantime, be sure to read our exclusive feature chat with Daltrey from a few months ago, geared around his great new solo album As Long As I Have You.

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  1. William Tolles   January 11, 2019 at 11:37 am

    THE WHO!!! BRING IT ON!!!! WAHOOO!!!! The ‘Orrible ‘Oo!!!


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