Listen to Elvis Costello and the Imposters’ New Album ‘Look Now’ (New Music Friday)

Listen to Elvis Costello and the Imposters’ New Album ‘Look Now’ (New Music Friday)

For his new album, Look Now, heralded singer/songwriter Elvis Costello reconvened with his band, the Imposters, and laid the tracks to tape at some renowned studios — specifically, Electric Lady Studios, Capitol, EastWest and United Recorders — and the result is a richly produced and rewarding listen.

“The main difference now, I think, is we prepared our minds very well, so that when the red light went on and we played, it was more like a live record, even though we were adding things piece-by-piece, because all of the work was put in during the rehearsal time, away from the studio time. So when the red light came on, we just had to play it. And it felt free. And I think you hear that,” Costello told Rock Cellar’s Jeff Slate in our new interview about the album.

Look Now was released today and is available to purchase from this link. Stream the album below, via Spotify or Apple Music:

If you were concerned about Costello’s recent health scare, one that forced the cancellation of some tour dates, worry not — he told Rock Cellar it was all a bit of an embellishment:

“I would’ve not said anything about it, because I didn’t want to worry my family or my friends that I don’t speak to every day. It kind of sharpened me a little bit, because you don’t know the future. But then I had it taken care of, and thought I was all back, in terms of my strength — because the operation does knock you out a little bit — and I just miscalculated. I was in the middle of a tour in Europe and I realized that I couldn’t do my best. Once I let the rest of the dates go, I had to offer a coherent explanation, rather than just be thought of as being flaky.

Unfortunately, some of the reports were twisted a little bit to make it sound like it was a much more serious situation. It was really just a question of missed timing in the recovery. So thank you for asking.

But I feel great.”

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