Out Now: Blues-Rocker Joe Bonamassa’s Dynamic New Studio Album ‘Redemption’

Out Now: Blues-Rocker Joe Bonamassa’s Dynamic New Studio Album ‘Redemption’

Joe Bonamassa is a rather prolific artist. Last Friday, the seasoned blues/rock guitarist released Redemption, his 13th proper studio album to date since his 2000 debut A New Day Yesterday. Pick up a copy of Redemption from the Rock Cellar Store by clicking here.

In addition to a host of live albums, Bonamassa has amassed a global audience of dedicated fans due to his relentless work ethic, and it’s apparent throughout Redemption that he’s still going as strong as ever.

Redemption comes on the heels of Bonamassa’s 2018 release British Blues Explosion Live, which came out in May and was his 20th release to land at No. 1 on the Blues chart. That’s … pretty good. He teamed up with singer Beth Hart for a collaborative album, Black Coffee, earlier in the year as well.

Stream Redemption below, via Spotify or Apple Music:

A tireless live performer, too, Bonamassa has a full slate of concerts coming up, spanning Europe (in the fall) to the United States (in Spring 2019). For full details, visit his official site.

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