Rest in Peace, Aretha Franklin: 1942-2018

Rest in Peace, Aretha Franklin: 1942-2018

The Queen of Soul has passed away. Days after it was reported that Aretha Franklin was severely ill and surrounded by family and loved ones in Detroit, the legendary singer has died at the age of 76 after a battle with advanced pancreatic cancer.

Official word came down on Thursday morning, and nearly instantly tributes and homages to Franklin came pouring in on social media, as she was truly one of the most important, influential and culturally relevant artists to ever pick up a microphone.

Sam Moore, a close lifelong friend of Franklin’s and a label mate, shared this reflection:

“Aretha Franklin and I have been friends and label mates for more than sixty years. I adored her and I know the feelings were mutual. While I’m heartbroken that she’s gone I know she’s in the Lord’s arms and she’s not in pain or suffering anymore from the damn cancer that took her away from us. I’m going to hope, pray and count on the fact that I will see her again sometime. Rest in the Lord’s arms in love, Re.”

Paul McCartney and Elton John had some heartfelt things to say:

Among her innumerable career highlights, Franklin actually had a hand in the classic song “Mustang Sally,” as Sir Mack Rice told Rock Cellar’s Frank Mastropolo in 2012:

“Ted White, a friend of mine in Detroit, he was married to Aretha [Franklin]. I played it for him – just a demo, me and the guitar. He said, ‘Man, why don’t you go over to Aretha’s and let her put a little music on that for you – she’ll think of something.’ I said, ‘Cool.’ And I went over to Aretha’s and I started singin.’ I get to the part that says, ‘Rise Sally rise, Rise Sally rise.’ She was saying, ‘You know Mack, that little part in there you do, you should change that up.’ I said, ‘What’s wrong?’

“Aretha said, ‘Mack, what were you saying, ‘Rise Sally rise?’ I said, ‘Yeah, ‘Rise Sally rise, Wipe your weepin’ eyes.’ She said, ‘Why don’t you put on the thing, ‘Ride Sally ride,’ R-I-D-E.’ I said, ‘Cool.’ You know, I wasn’t that knocked out on that myself. I said, ‘Cool, cool.’ So when Aretha put that little piano thing on it, it all started coming together.”

[And Aretha had one last suggestion: Change the title from “Mustang Mama” to “Mustang Sally.” It stuck.]


Goodbye, Aretha. And thank you.

May she rest in peace, and may her music and influence live on forever.

7 Responses to "Rest in Peace, Aretha Franklin: 1942-2018"

  1. Joan Cantarella   August 16, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin. You opened everyones souls, with your music. Thank You For Your Wonderful Gift. You will be deeply missed.

  2. Candie Trick   August 16, 2018 at 9:19 am

    I will miss her. I grow up listening to her. God bless you. Rest in peace. We love you.💖

  3. Jake Gerber   August 16, 2018 at 10:41 am

    Respect ! First time I heard, couldn’t get it out of my head, the most innovative backing vocals, and the Queens phrasing was like nothing I’d ever heard before. That was just the beginning. RIP to one of America’s finest hours,and God given talent. RIP Aretha

  4. Jackie Vanaman   August 16, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    God Bless Aretha Franklin the Queen of Soul. RESPECT.

  5. Amos Gomba   August 16, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    Queen of soul and R & B music*Aretha Franklin may HER soul rest in peace,love you always and forever…Ever changing time*

  6. peter sturgeon   August 17, 2018 at 9:35 am

    lets not forget it was the british who introduced slavery to the usa way back in 1670 and of course it was the british who went on to abolish slavery however the African American has thrived ever since thanks to those early british colonists , because without slavery there would be no African americans , so don’t praise the lord praise the british ha,

  7. Brian Campbell   August 24, 2018 at 3:18 am

    peter sturgeon you may want to update your knowledge of history and check your bias. Not all of Black American’s arrived via the slave trade (records of which go back ~ 1520’s or so) British, Spanish, Dutch. – no one was ‘without sin’ . It is now being considered that Indigenous people referred to in early records may have include Black groups who may have settled long before possibly marrying into some of the indigenous tribes. Some may share genetics with people in the West Indies. African-American’s most likely have a genetic history of being on that land mass a lot longer than the British Colonist’s do.

    And your use of the word ‘thrived’….. unfortunate… fortunate reminder – former Jailer/~Liberator remains ignorant to the fact that the church, the Gospel was ‘The Outlet’ and only hope ; the only place where they could be reminded they were human; treated as an equal, with r.e.s.p.e.c.t. and dignity.

    Peter, I’m sure you are a nice person and your heart is in the right place – because you are here ! And because I want you to be… I think a lot of people aren’t aware of these things. It’s important to understand our history, but in times like these its important to think in terms of what we share -our Humanity- not differences…..

    Man’s inhumanity to Man is evident World Wide – US, Canada, Central America, South America, Uk Africa Middle East, Russia – the powers that be that control the monetary system and our “Dear Leader’s” are all at fault, they sold us out long ago – they can’t change anything because the stability of their reality requires them to stay the course….ignore anything that would better the people of the world (e.g. Cancer is too big of an industry for it to change – cures, yep, but not for you and me …. Free Energy ? yup , Joseph Newman et al… Capitalism isn’t the answer, Communism isn’t the answer, Socialism isn’t the answer… “Maybe, In an Ideal World”….hmmm, lets start to figure out what we want. What is the Ideal World. All stated in the positive. Clear on intent… … anyone.. EVERYONE


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